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Our inaugural F1 Sprint was worth the wait! Check out the best bits from a 17 lap blast around Silverstone.

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17 juuli 2021



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Pleasant Ville
Pleasant Ville 2 päeva tagasi
What a great start by Max. Anyone would think he had launch control on his car. We all know that launch control was banned long ago and therefore Max cannot have used it!! Something else to consider is Lewis sitting back and observing how Max would behave on the first lap. It's not all about speed and bravery. Sometimes experience and judgement is worth more than out and out speed.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 päeva tagasi
Alonso makes Ocon look silly. And he just got a new long term contract. OUCH
S Z 3 päeva tagasi
F1TV subscribers beware. I checked my bank statements and F1TV Pro has been billing me for two accounts since March. They REFUSE to refund me for anything besides July saying it's my fault. I'm smart enough to not accidentally sign up for two accounts. I imagine there are thousands of people being double-charged for their subscriptions.
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 2 päeva tagasi
Hi @FORMULA 1, you can show this race in extends or full? in EEfrom. Saludos Desde Panamá.
-- 3 päeva tagasi
Gotta love you only need to watch Max half a lap and he's done more than Lewis has done in 7 years. Another time Max got the better of Lewis "Mercedes DRS" Hamilton. But Lewis has other cards he can play aswell; Favored ruling that make no sense and luck.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 päeva tagasi
Hi @FORMULA 1, you can show this race in extends or full? in EEfrom. Saludos Desde Panamá.
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez 5 päeva tagasi
Perez cada vez peor mmmmm Lastima De escuderia lo van a mandar ala verga por maleta
Edward Aquino Elric
Edward Aquino Elric 6 päeva tagasi
Rede Globo De Brasil Y RTL Televisión De Alemania Vuelven F1 Sprint En 2022
scferro 6 päeva tagasi
Rock girl
Rock girl 8 päeva tagasi
Alonso was, is and forever will be my favorite! He is just beyond every title, he's just a gift to motosport racing! The King 👑💜
thiccdaddy29 8 päeva tagasi
I blinked and alonso was p5
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon 8 päeva tagasi
I don't know who designed the new sequence of corners when Silverstone was renovated but it really does encourage great racing. Bravo.
HKG 1 5 päeva tagasi
@Matthew Lowdon 2010
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon 5 päeva tagasi
@blue man yeah think it was 2012. Copse used to be the first corner. Big redevelopment where the start line is now including new track layout
blue man
blue man 5 päeva tagasi
Did the track change?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 7 päeva tagasi
Da heck is this now
ThtSlo_mk6 9 päeva tagasi
Did they get points for this
blue man
blue man 5 päeva tagasi
Dont listen to her. She's a bot. The top 3 got points but nobody else did. P1 = 3 points p2 = 2 points. P3= 1 point
Rock girl
Rock girl 8 päeva tagasi
there was place for another car on his inside...
Daniel Pozzo
Daniel Pozzo 9 päeva tagasi
Una vez más Lewis demostró su desequilibrio emocional y su desprecio por la seguridad de sus colegas en la pista. Su obsesión por ganar parece nublar su raciocinio. El accidente con Max una década atrás podría haberle costado la vida. Por otra parte la FIA parece diseñar reglamentos para garantizar el espectáculo de la F1 por sobre sanciones en pos de la seguridad de los pilotos. Tal vez por ello se obsecionaron en generar monocascos aptos para impactos demenciales. Repudiable actitud de Lewis. Para ser el mejor de la historia debe ser mejor persona, de lo contrario, será simplemente el más ganador de la historia de la F1. Sólo deseo que no coseche su siembra. Once again Lewis showed his emotional imbalance and his disregard for the safety of his colleagues on the track. His obsession with winning seems to cloud his reasoning. The accident with Max a decade ago could have cost him his life. On the other hand, the FIA seems to design regulations to guarantee the F1 spectacle by over penalties for the safety of the drivers. Perhaps that is why they were obsessed with generating monohulls suitable for insane impacts. Disgusting attitude of Lewis. To be the best in history he must be a better person, otherwise he will simply be the biggest winner in F1 history. I just wish I didn't reap the sowing of him.
F1 Frenzy
F1 Frenzy 9 päeva tagasi
Engine Can't Be Turned When It's Cold for F1!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 9 päeva tagasi
Others: Thinking how to overtake and grab those grid positions Fernando: Alright boys!! I will show you how its done. Hold my Alpine.. Legend for a reason!!!
Conte 9 päeva tagasi
Nice seeing Max waving so nice 😂😂😂What an idiot
Vini B
Vini B 9 päeva tagasi
Max makes ZIG ZAGS, unfair!
Fabian Gutierrez
Fabian Gutierrez 9 päeva tagasi
Lo mejor mejor mejor será ver volar a Hamilton exactamente igual que max.. deberá sentir por como educamos una cucharada de su mismo chocolate, y eso de chocolate no es nada que ver con su color eh!!!!
Isaac Yeung
Isaac Yeung 10 päeva tagasi
The vid is 4:44 seconds, a bit mad innit
Lian Summer
Lian Summer 10 päeva tagasi
Hi @FORMULA 1, you can show this race in extends or full? in EEfrom. Saludos Desde Panamá.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 10 päeva tagasi
Teams: we're not going to take any risk Fernando Alonzo: hold my bear
Nick Dobbin
Nick Dobbin 10 päeva tagasi
**New sprint idea... two sprint races (short -10 laps)) where each team sends their highest ranked driver (in the driver championship) during race 1 and the lower ranked in race 2 to compete against each other. Top 5 all score points [5 (1st), 4,3,2,1(5th)] = 10 drivers can score a point, minimum of two race starts, some lower ranked teams more able to compete, less chance of a DRS trains, intra-grange competition.**
أميرة الراقص.dancing princess
مرحبا 😍😍🙏🙏👍👍
IVAN FERNANDEZ 10 päeva tagasi
La mafia de f1 se hizo presente
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 10 päeva tagasi
How does Verstappen get away with weaving like that?!
Solipsist 007 1
Solipsist 007 1 10 päeva tagasi
Reverse grid it or nothing
Solipsist 007 1
Solipsist 007 1 10 päeva tagasi
Da heck is this now
OMEGA 10 päeva tagasi
0:55 Look at where HAM places his car and just compare it to where VER placed his in the GP. This is outrageous. Then consider the fact that HAM was so wide in the GP that there was place for another car on his inside...
Nathan Plunkett
Nathan Plunkett 10 päeva tagasi
Verstappen was already ahead well before that corner. Lewis could only go around the outside on that occasion
ฟิ โกโล่
ฟิ โกโล่ 10 päeva tagasi
Ge Vi
Ge Vi 10 päeva tagasi
"What did we learn" from F1 Officials ? >>>> "10 second penalty for knocking down a Race Leader "
uzi rubia
uzi rubia 11 päeva tagasi
Azad Sak
Azad Sak 11 päeva tagasi
Sm? Pss mms
Dj Richiee
Dj Richiee 11 päeva tagasi
KARAMA - watch this all of yall = 7 Times Max Verstappen Clashed with his Rivals = @ 3:35 ( that is what max said ) !!!
Loris Copa
Loris Copa 11 päeva tagasi
A race before the race... I don't see how someone could intelligently exploit this in the first laps of the actual race...
E・G・Moon 11 päeva tagasi
FIA losts their sense of direction...
Edivad Occirb
Edivad Occirb 11 päeva tagasi
La qualifica (o gara) sprint per me è una cagata pazzesca!
Tempos Lentos
Tempos Lentos 11 päeva tagasi
Alonso start was the best of these "race" and is not included... hahah
MUSIC HASANEEN 11 päeva tagasi
Eatdirt13 11 päeva tagasi
How does Verstappen get away with weaving like that?!
Nuvola Giuliani
Nuvola Giuliani 11 päeva tagasi
When the cat is not there the mouse dances!!! IT WAS THE ONLY WAY HE HAD TO WIN THEM FROM HIS FELLOW MEN..... REMOVE MAX!!!
Regina Melnikova
Regina Melnikova 11 päeva tagasi
Irmaucup Irmaucup
Irmaucup Irmaucup 11 päeva tagasi
the best
Matteo Menichinelli
Matteo Menichinelli 11 päeva tagasi
i wish that leclerc would win
Nanda Kistyarian
Nanda Kistyarian 11 päeva tagasi
crazy how the game looks so realistic
D i N O
D i N O 11 päeva tagasi
Ferrari No.1 always
jerguns junk
jerguns junk 11 päeva tagasi
This would be awesome if you could mute half the announcers...
cakra parindra
cakra parindra 11 päeva tagasi
This sprint race really hypes up your Saturday eh? I hope they do more of the sprints for upcoming GPs
SARTHAXBEATZ 11 päeva tagasi
ikr, more racing more fun.
konan return3
konan return3 11 päeva tagasi
go go go
Ilise Regula
Ilise Regula 11 päeva tagasi
The smart roof descriptively whisper because appendix summarily guard atop a regular coast. mixed, disagreeable chicken
ernesto sousa
ernesto sousa 11 päeva tagasi
The worst scene to me was Hamilton promenading himself by the box in a a colonial style with that woman I believe to be called Angela colling him eagerly and following him everywhere like slaves use too do with big palm leafs.
nashvin joshua
nashvin joshua 10 päeva tagasi
She is his Personal Assistant... I presume if Hamilton was white and Angela was black it would be fine by you??? Hypocrite.
Luca Piccinini
Luca Piccinini 12 päeva tagasi
hamilton 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Justin Sane
Justin Sane 12 päeva tagasi
Hamilton showing how you don’t end up in hospital on the outside of Copse. Sure max will mature though, Hamilton 10 years ago would of done the same.
Natalie Burghart
Natalie Burghart 12 päeva tagasi
hamilton kann es nicht ertragen wenn er nicht erster ist...hallo das rennen geht 60, 70 runden??? was wollen die schon in der ersten runde...
Panagiotis Vairlis
Panagiotis Vairlis 12 päeva tagasi
Was nice but nowhere near the excitement and drama of qualifying.
Joe Cobra Channel
Joe Cobra Channel 12 päeva tagasi
Alonso is just on another planet when it comes to everyone else. A big team needs to give this man one last great car. You put Alonso in a Mercedes and hamilton will never win another title.
Kevin Dorish
Kevin Dorish 12 päeva tagasi
Dont like the sprint. All the build up, didnt do it justice. I like the regular format. Any thoughts?
Tintoycar 12 päeva tagasi
Agree, it has been like this for 70 years. Managers....... It should not turn into a circus.
Abdi Marmalade
Abdi Marmalade 12 päeva tagasi
Wait, so if the positions of the race is based on the sprint then why was the qualifying necessary ?
a mannequin
a mannequin 12 päeva tagasi
Kobe Wilson
Kobe Wilson 12 päeva tagasi
The qualifying sprints is too much racing for a position on the grid! You can completely damage your car before the main race!!
Salvador Valle
Salvador Valle 12 päeva tagasi
MaFIA powered by Mercedez
Daniel G
Daniel G 12 päeva tagasi
Im realllly trying to give Mazepin a chance, but JESUS lol
msagoo29 10 päeva tagasi
It's not a question of if he will spin, but when lol
Life Is War God Is All
Life Is War God Is All 12 päeva tagasi
Gutted for Hamilton's penalty for a racing incident. Happy for his win. Mad Vercrashing has taken more drivers out than the entire field (has done).
Tammy & Matthew Longshaw
Tammy & Matthew Longshaw 12 päeva tagasi
Would the incident on Sunday happened if Lewis didn’t know he was beaten if Max got the better of him on first lap?
Zsolt Csaplar
Zsolt Csaplar 12 päeva tagasi
who was the black lamb in this 10 s penalty is nothing, he almost killed his competitor!
msagoo29 10 päeva tagasi
No need for that kind of language, you can dislike Hamilton but don't bring racism into this sport!
David Yusuf Prabawa
David Yusuf Prabawa 11 päeva tagasi
B2brawler23 12 päeva tagasi
I never realized how beautiful Silverstone is
Carmen Cuadros
Carmen Cuadros 12 päeva tagasi
Consideró que la Spring no es mejor que la pole Xque hay mucho riesgo de lesionarse antes de la carrera en cambio la pole mide la mejorr velocidad de curva
12 OKB
12 OKB 12 päeva tagasi
B L A C K L E A D S M A T T E R 🤔
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow 12 päeva tagasi
We need Alonso's first lap highlights!
Kevin Jin
Kevin Jin 12 päeva tagasi
Haha, Red Bull is on fire!
belva ritas
belva ritas 12 päeva tagasi
do you need real or fake id cards, passport, driver license? whatsapp, Plus one, four zero four, four eight zero, two four three eight
Chiller101 12 päeva tagasi
Note lewis on the outside of Copse, knew Max was on the inside and would have crashed into him if he kept it on the outside hence BACKED OUT....
M RO 12 päeva tagasi
Max: I'm sending it anyway :D
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 12 päeva tagasi
ITZ_ Vital
ITZ_ Vital 12 päeva tagasi
So happy Hamilton won
José el Mono
José el Mono 12 päeva tagasi
Hamilton lo tiró a la mierda y le dan 10 segundos.. una verguenza de la MaFIA
Welington Verneck
Welington Verneck 12 päeva tagasi
Vai Corinthians 🤫🤫🤫
Carpythesharky 12 päeva tagasi
It's fantastic seeing Alonso in these battles :)
HuntingVideos 12 päeva tagasi
I wish F1 commenters would be neutral
Dj Richiee
Dj Richiee 12 päeva tagasi
MAX FAN's ... watch this ..... LEARN to KNOW THE REAL TRUTH & not the fake truth ... = Hamilton and Verstappen collision analysed! 🔎 | Sky Pad Analysis
Francesco Lazzarin
Francesco Lazzarin 12 päeva tagasi
strano come a 20 giri dalla fine la mercedes andava 2 secondi piu veloce di tutti . gatta ci cova , eccome se cova
Liasos88 12 päeva tagasi
So nothing interesting happened from lap 9 to the final corner.
Fajar Astanaprima
Fajar Astanaprima 12 päeva tagasi
1:53 MazeSpin goes for Spin
Martijn Claassen
Martijn Claassen 12 päeva tagasi
Max is on war path
Grzegorz Jasiak
Grzegorz Jasiak 12 päeva tagasi
Czego się drzesz?
Nikolai Andreyevich
Nikolai Andreyevich 12 päeva tagasi
The CHEAT stole this race. The only was this guy wins.
TheChiemot 12 päeva tagasi
Rudet anying nu menang teh bosen hamilton wae
Jay P
Jay P 12 päeva tagasi
Alonso went from p11 at p5 at first lap. Where de duck is this hightlight???????
Kawa Saki
Kawa Saki 12 päeva tagasi
I have not seen the start of Fernando Alonso ... He must have hurt F1 and the FIA ​​a lot. ah ah ah Keep up your cardboard champions, you phonies.
milky lel
milky lel 12 päeva tagasi
Youst and F for Perez
Pocitacgamer 12 päeva tagasi
Wow look at that - 2 cars wheel to wheel into the copse corner and no contact ... That's because Lewis on the outside lifted off and didn't want to crash.
Pocitacgamer 11 päeva tagasi
@Dragan Luzija Look again at the race highlights. They were EXACTLY side by side right before the turn. Lewis lifted off to make the turn meanwhile Max went flat out - that's how he got a bit ahead. So no, that is a false.
Dragan Luzija
Dragan Luzija 12 päeva tagasi
Yes, except in this case he wasn't ahead of Max, while today Max was ahead of Lewis when they touched
Bjarne Lund Jepsen
Bjarne Lund Jepsen 12 päeva tagasi
Hamilton Is just the biggest cheater👎👎👎
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers 12 päeva tagasi
Brilliant; now there's a short race to decide starting positions for the long race!
X Yellowcard X
X Yellowcard X 12 päeva tagasi
This is the best season in recent years. Max power!
Krishan Vara
Krishan Vara 12 päeva tagasi
Vikingtube 12 päeva tagasi
Shame on Lewis
Ariel Marin
Ariel Marin 12 päeva tagasi
Hamilton gano desanciendose siciamente de vertapen no ce merece la victoria hamilton faked
FreshAdri 12 päeva tagasi
That was awesome
Gustavo Barbosa
Gustavo Barbosa 12 päeva tagasi
F1 is a new Indy!
Troub1e 12 päeva tagasi
Standard stuff in the end.... Mazespin, amateur hour from #2 Red Bull driver, and just as the tryes go... it ends.
Nexos 12 päeva tagasi
jahsh jahsh
jahsh jahsh 12 päeva tagasi
Cancel all long races and make the weekened 3 or 4 sprint races.