Verstappen & Hamilton Collide On Lap 1 | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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A thrilling opening lap ended abruptly for championship leader Max Verstappen as he collided with rival Lewis Hamilton, ending his race and earning Hamilton a 10-second penalty. Verstappen was able to walk away but has been taken to hospital for precautionary checks.

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18 juuli 2021



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amipresent1 8 tundi tagasi
I have been following F1 since 1983. 40+ years. I am sorry to bust everyone's buble but if you analyze the video fram by frame at one point LH is almost wheel to wheel. This means that the other drive shold be turning wide and not shutting the door. Admit you have given the other driver the inside line and has taken advantange and has been more agressive than you on the brakes so ease up , go wide and try to turn in earlier to get a better drive off. Racing ABC.
Markos Kass
Markos Kass 9 tundi tagasi
There was nobody's fault, it was an inevitable racing incident. The worst thing in formula 1 these days is all the crying and whining. Verstappen went out (thankfully not injured) Hamilton took his penalty and the race is on. I'm bored of people whine in Formula 1. I hope F1 won't turn to a cartoon. Red bull started so strong this year and finally we see some action but they cry like babies all week....
Laurent Duchesne
Laurent Duchesne 10 tundi tagasi
Verstappen was clearly at fault. They crashed after Verstappen's second attempt to block Hamilton, and you are only allowed one attempt at blocking.
Cyber Quasar
Cyber Quasar 11 tundi tagasi
Unbiased opinion : Hamilton did NOTHING wrong
zach morgan
zach morgan 14 tundi tagasi
joke of a race.
zach morgan
zach morgan 14 tundi tagasi
WWF1 were anything goes crash your competitors at 200 mph nearly killing them its okay 10 seconds for breaking the freaking track barrier with your opponents car.
SebaldSon 15 tundi tagasi
Black Flag for Hamilton
Tanush Tejas
Tanush Tejas 17 tundi tagasi
It's a corner held with high speed that's why the collision was intense, other than that it was almost same as albon's crash this is my opinion. 10 second time penalty is sufficient but not more than that, redbull trying to be cocky and ruin ham's reputation
omik redarhcs
omik redarhcs 18 tundi tagasi
Verstappen's team still crying about a decision made , waa waa waaa
I have nothing to do
I have nothing to do 19 tundi tagasi
Lewis literally celebrated it, wth I wrong with him
Markus Heinbach
Markus Heinbach 22 tundi tagasi
Very mean
SwissFox101 22 tundi tagasi
Max's perspective of F1: A normal race Lewis' perspective of F1: Bumper cars
Amr Saed
Amr Saed 23 tundi tagasi
Max's fault
Tomasz Paluch
Tomasz Paluch Päev tagasi
Hitting opponents rear wheel with front wheel should be called "Hamilton's Move"
claude fraipont
claude fraipont Päev tagasi
Bonjour je doit dire Hamilton fait sa course combien de foi Verstappen na pas causé accident ou change de trajectoire et la on ne fait rien
Tejas Waghmare
Tejas Waghmare Päev tagasi
I hope he feel the same he did more to vettal
Tejas Waghmare
Tejas Waghmare Päev tagasi
Crashstappen 😭
Tejas Waghmare
Tejas Waghmare Päev tagasi
It was clearly max fault but i dont know why everyone is blaming Hamilton.... Offcourse when u r at top Dogs will bark
SI RICKO Päev tagasi
Get put into A wall again lol
panzerrider Päev tagasi
I think if Hamilton wasn't an extreme activist, the FIA would have levied a heavier fine. Unfortunately political pressure dictate many decisions in today's activities. I think it's out and out Racisms .
Regular Rod
Regular Rod Päev tagasi
Verstappen should maybe leave circuit racing and stick to sprints and hillclimbs. No one to take his line away then.
Gabriel Päev tagasi
cem çelik
cem çelik Päev tagasi
levis no fair..
Alexandra E
Alexandra E Päev tagasi
Crashes happen in motorsports. No way did that look intentional except to people who thrive on discord. It's unfortunate and just glad Max is okay.
Keir Mardy
Keir Mardy Päev tagasi
I ask myself would Max have turned in on "Max". There you have your answer to who was "predominantly" to blame. Basically Max got "Verstappen'd". The rest of the season will tell us if Max has learned winning isn't just about playing chicken in every confrontation.
Luke Hermes
Luke Hermes Päev tagasi
Hungary ’Yuki, Order 66’
Morrich Päev tagasi
I am not a Fan of Hamilton or Verstappen. Look objective on the Situation and you can see, that Verstappen has got so much Place at the left side of the Curve. Ok, Hamilton maybe could drive a little bit more on the right but Verstappen goes inside the Curve an Hamilton could not react fast enough. This is how i see this Situation. A normal Race Accident in my Opinion.
Marko Gelic
Marko Gelic Päev tagasi
Hamilton 10 seconds penality
Digital Digy
Digital Digy Päev tagasi
lolschrauber Päev tagasi
This was 100% on purpose
shree vignesh mohan ram
shree vignesh mohan ram 2 päeva tagasi
Looks like an Prost senna crash in Suzuka ..but in that both were taken out lucky ham
That Guy
That Guy 2 päeva tagasi
Watch up for suicide checo next race
Ahmed Safwan
Ahmed Safwan 2 päeva tagasi
Max turned in on Hamilton. I have watched this video multiple times that's what i think happened.
Justin Schram
Justin Schram 2 päeva tagasi
Next time Max should just go off track and let Lulu go by since that's what Britain and his fans want. Lewis had a full lane to his right, missed the corner and took Max out but the Lewis fans are too blind to see that.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 päeva tagasi
Just waiting for palmer analysis on this incident.
Emmanuel Thomas
Emmanuel Thomas 2 päeva tagasi
Deserved. Verstappen is one of the most arrogant drivers on track
Dean De Leo
Dean De Leo 2 päeva tagasi
Hamilton is great at playing the villain 👽
Asakura Yoh
Asakura Yoh 2 päeva tagasi
bad hamilton
rayray 2 päeva tagasi
Hamilton i hate u
johnnycage media
johnnycage media 2 päeva tagasi
@bodoti qwiu very very true
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 päeva tagasi
I'm not an Hamilton fan, but at a certain point the drivers were paired, so Verstappen knew that Hamilton was there and could not expect him to disappear...
Yobbo 2 päeva tagasi
Why should Hamilton give way to Verstappen...
jack now
jack now 2 päeva tagasi
Dieser arsch hamilton kann einfach nicht verlieren deshalb kickt er hetzt den verstappen als raus
JuniorMint 2 päeva tagasi
So what's the issue here? Max turned right into Lewis.
johnnycage media
johnnycage media 2 päeva tagasi
@Justin Schram in the previous corner hamilton was ahead and max almost rammed hamilton off of the track during the turn. explain that.
Justin Schram
Justin Schram 2 päeva tagasi
No he didn't. Max had to turn right to make the turn or else he'd go off track like Leclerc did. I didn't know Lewis needed the whole track to himself 🙈
Townchild Berlin
Townchild Berlin 2 päeva tagasi
Hamilton Mistake. He must pay.
ian Salbri
ian Salbri 2 päeva tagasi
Lewis has nothing to do with max accident..Max is the one who doesnt give way to Lewis....Yet RedBull wants a heavy penalty to Lewis...dont be a childish Redbull...
Bon AzmaL
Bon AzmaL 2 päeva tagasi
wow from our tv's view just a little touch, ,,but the effect and impact was tremendous
Szabolcs Kovács
Szabolcs Kovács 2 päeva tagasi
optimatrix primus
optimatrix primus 2 päeva tagasi
Hamilton deserves a race ban, this is the 3rd time he has taken out a red bull driver in the same manner.
Iss Rah
Iss Rah 2 päeva tagasi
Rumour says that Horner still saying 51g crash at home
Antonio Ragazze
Antonio Ragazze 2 päeva tagasi
Ein absoluter Anfängerfehler eines 7 Fachen Weltmeisters......ein Schelm, der da böses unterstellt.
Education Sab Ke Liye
Education Sab Ke Liye 2 päeva tagasi
Hamilton is the King
E 1530
E 1530 2 päeva tagasi
Not right now he isn’t. Verstappen is still leading in points and plenty of races left to build the lead up again.
Race in peace, Max Verstappen
michux 95
michux 95 2 päeva tagasi
maria rossi
maria rossi 3 päeva tagasi
I'm not an Hamilton fan, but at a certain point the drivers were paired, so Verstappen knew that Hamilton was there and could not expect him to disappear...
Defence Decoder
Defence Decoder 3 päeva tagasi
Why there are no safety bags inside formula one car?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 päeva tagasi
"He just turned in on me" 'Surprised pikachu face' who could have thought the he has to turn in in a turn.
Mr. Pudding
Mr. Pudding 3 päeva tagasi
Things are really getting bad for Christian Horner. I heard that Geri (His wife) said it was a racing incident and he gave her a choice of either sleeping on the couch or a 10 second stop and go durring their whoopee time.
sk saif
sk saif 3 päeva tagasi
I am here after reading current affairs
C W 3 päeva tagasi
Clearly Hamilton is playing coy and responsible...
MARC LOST 3 päeva tagasi
I'm not a fan of LH, but this crash is on Verstappen. Hamilton's front wheel was already halfway past Verstappen's rear end. That racing line is rightlyfully Hamilton's on the inside. LH was just following through. MV turned into him - granted there was room there for LH to turn in tighter, but with the risk of oversteer. Verstappen should taken a wider line and let LH overtake there.
MARC LOST 2 päeva tagasi
@E 1530 At the same token, once an overtaking vehicle is substantially along side the lead car, the overtaker doesn't have to concede. Vestappen forced a tighter line, ignoring the fact that LH is right next to his vehicle on the right. That's unsafe driving. (clearly) since it resulted it collision. LH was well within his rights to hold his line. He reached the MV's vehicle way before the turn-in.
E 1530
E 1530 2 päeva tagasi
The car ahead and on the proper racing line isn’t the one who backs off. Hamilton tried to force a pass on a very fast corner when he wasn’t ahead or on the proper line and hit Verstappen. If Verstappen goes out wide he hits the aggressive kerbs like Leclerc did later in the race which almost spun Leclerc out. Hamilton was too eager and Verstappen held his ground and got taken out.
PatentedSheep 3 päeva tagasi
Would say 60 percent Lewis’s fault and 40 percent Hamilton’s.
Krallo Trenos
Krallo Trenos 3 päeva tagasi
Intentionally situation didn't see anyone,why did be punished Sobhamiltonnn
Kyriakos Travlos
Kyriakos Travlos 3 päeva tagasi
Accurate title : Hamilton Takes Out Verstapen Because he's afraid of losing
Wiggle Snail
Wiggle Snail 3 päeva tagasi
idk man... That rear wing looking kinda flexi as he bounces up and down xD
upstandard wtdkns
upstandard wtdkns 3 päeva tagasi
thats how jos used to drive,... cant blame anyone in F1
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 päeva tagasi
Just watching Netflix series, Lewis had done this to Albon twice.
Da Cheese
Da Cheese Päev tagasi
no he didn't, different corner, different error. And back then the penalty was 100% justified.
Paulo Romero
Paulo Romero 3 päeva tagasi
Lewis tried this on Leclerc this same race haha. Making him lose 1sr pos.
Sprain Ankle
Sprain Ankle 3 päeva tagasi
Mario cart on an f1 track how delightful....
Super Tactical Droid
Super Tactical Droid 3 päeva tagasi
Both lewis and max have their fair share of crashes, now I don't know who's actually at fault for now at least, because every anaylasis of this is based on hearsay. But when the official investigation comes back, whoever's at fault should admit their mistake, apologize, and pay for the damages
Azra Jamil
Azra Jamil 3 päeva tagasi
I want to replace bottas with Nico Rosburg
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 päeva tagasi
Max has no one but himself to blame for that crash
Landshark! 4 päeva tagasi
Max has been driving like a "dough" bag for a while now,maybe this will wake his "immature rear end" up! Filthy racing always catches up to you.
Landshark! 2 päeva tagasi
@E 1530 lol
E 1530
E 1530 2 päeva tagasi
Max has been aggressive but not causing incidents for a few seasons now. This was Hamilton’s fault.
文义乐 4 päeva tagasi
Just as "Is that Glock is that Glock going slowly?" is ingrained in the nightmares of the typical Brazillian, "It contacts and they touch! Verstappen is out of the race" is in the nightmares of the Dutch
aidan timms
aidan timms 4 päeva tagasi
Ma x's fault
stringsonfirevic 4 päeva tagasi
I would go one step further, hamilton knew what he was doing. If they both had to retire after the crash, nothing would have changed, but he was lucky instead and won the race. Everyone who tried to blame Lewis was a racist and to proof the point,merc trolls started to bang on their keyboards racist comments. Oh boi
hen ko
hen ko 4 päeva tagasi
Gloves off, first lap racing incidents only give a 10 sec penalty and your main rival is out of the race, take every risk.
Michael S
Michael S 4 päeva tagasi
Question is why did that tire come off. They’ve tested these tires millions of times.
Daniel Ashworth
Daniel Ashworth 4 päeva tagasi
Imagine if anyone but Hamilton did that
Crystal Starr
Crystal Starr 4 päeva tagasi
Max should race in NASCAR if he want to drive like that
Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia 4 päeva tagasi
If i was in Christian Horner shoes i would make a teamradio to Pérez: " "checo, You must hit Lewis hard enougth to put him out of the race, You Will get only 10 SEC penalty, that is affordable and suit us very well for the championship figth".
Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia 4 päeva tagasi
@hen ko to me, F1 is perfect moves, with little space. Like Alonso, Raikkonen or Leclerc (before austria/verstappen episode) Hitting someone on his rear tyre because You understeer is not something i enjoy.
hen ko
hen ko 4 päeva tagasi
Enjoy the rivalry this is what F1 is People. Should’ve seen Senna intentionally crashing Prost so that he won’t win a championship. This is what F1 is about.
Ingo Cernohorsky
Ingo Cernohorsky 5 päeva tagasi
After the collision between Vettel and Bottas in France in 2020 Hamilton said: When someone destroys your race they should not be able to finish and much less in first place. But of course, Sebastian Vettel arrives in France as leader of the championship, he destroyed Valtteries race and only gave him a patz in the back?, they shouldn't let him go back and finish.
Sharon Tirkey
Sharon Tirkey 5 päeva tagasi
Pikachus everywhere
Conrado Carreto Flores
Conrado Carreto Flores 5 päeva tagasi
Rosberg was not a rival for hamilton. But he wanted to be famous like his father .
Pokén Unboxing
Pokén Unboxing 5 päeva tagasi
"Just turned into me"
Anele Msimang
Anele Msimang 5 päeva tagasi
Max has no one but himself to blame for that crash
Invisible Guy
Invisible Guy 5 päeva tagasi
Hamilton is a cheater. Not a legend. Always does that to other drivers. He is 1 of the reason I stopped watching F1.
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 5 päeva tagasi
A normal occurrence every season in nascar. Don’t fret about it. I love seeing this aggression in F1. I hope to see more.
MrVecetti 3 päeva tagasi
the difference between open wheel racing like F1 and closed wheel racing like nascar is that open wheel racing crashes like these can very likely be fatal.
No.Limitts Mussbuss
No.Limitts Mussbuss 5 päeva tagasi
If I have the inside lane why should I give it up if I'm racing a Formula One car you guys are not fear
Pete Shearer
Pete Shearer 5 päeva tagasi
Hamilton should have been disqualified but he wasn't because he was in the UK. ..
Aaron Farrell
Aaron Farrell 5 päeva tagasi
Enjoy the rivalry this is what F1 is People. Should’ve seen Senna intentionally crashing Prost so that he won’t win a championship. This is what F1 is about.
Aaron Farrell
Aaron Farrell Tund tagasi
You get a pass if you accidentally die from a race crash. Then you become a legend
WhiteRabbit Päev tagasi
Lol wasn't Senna supposed to be this incredible sportsman?
ralph2winall 5 päeva tagasi
Verstappens fault he cut into Hamilton
ZX R-CADE 5 päeva tagasi
Absolutely disgusting driving from Hamilton and what a disgraceful reaction from the fans Me and my dad where the only true fans there that weekend we where furious when Hamilton crashed into Max Max will bounce back big time and win the world title
peter3334floyd 5 päeva tagasi
Maybe Hamilton has had time to think about it now and can come clean and redeem himself in some magical way and win the next race. Just own it Lewis. I would rather you be a Richard than a Kazza or worse a Bletch. Bletch's are real and they are out there. Don't be a Bletch Lewis. Sir Hamilton is it?
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 5 päeva tagasi
*Prateek Pushkar
*Prateek Pushkar 5 päeva tagasi
The jury's decision clearly shows that it is biased towards Hamilton
Gabriel X
Gabriel X 4 päeva tagasi
As always
LOL LOL 5 päeva tagasi
Jason Dezeal
Jason Dezeal 5 päeva tagasi
Ok. It may be a mistake but why no damage on lewis f1?
Andrea Invernizzi
Andrea Invernizzi 5 päeva tagasi
Funny fact - Anthony Hamilton denounces racism against Lewis, Jos Verstappen wanted a black flag LOL the whole F1 is a wreck
Petazir 5 päeva tagasi
Remember back in 2012 when Lewis pushed Maldonado off the track and then turned in on him even harder the following corner and ended up in wall? Who got penalised then? Maldonado, for apparently taking out Hamilton, when in the first place he pushed opponent off the corner but at least his penalty was DNF then. Now he claims Max left him no space when he's done it even dirtier before. The so called "fair" racer. He's a great driver but I guess desperate times need desperate moves.
mani moto
mani moto 5 päeva tagasi
mercedes FIAmg petronas motorsport.
Ajs mh
Ajs mh 5 päeva tagasi
Lol how is it Hamilton’s fault and if it wasn’t for the crash he wouldn’t win? If you look closely Max Verstappen didn’t give him any space to let him pass. Y’all are some crybabies
Kustom Denver
Kustom Denver 6 päeva tagasi
spins out and goes over a bump and the wheel falls off. safe to say these things will enver be drivalbe on the street
مهند الجرادي
مهند الجرادي 6 päeva tagasi
The fault is on Red Bull driver, Hamilton had no space to go on the road. Everyone can see that.
Testing if Talia & I are dumb...