Weekend Warm-Up! | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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After a two-week break, the 2021 F1 season resumes at Silverstone for one of the most historic and prestigious race weekends on the calendar. Weekend Warm-Up is here with the best preview in the business!

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15 juuli 2021



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F1 Frenzy
F1 Frenzy 9 päeva tagasi
Uroy Music
Uroy Music 10 päeva tagasi
I am calling for Christian horner mr Marko to be suspended from f1 or banded for creating room for Racism in formula1. they have be doing this for long time. THE FIA NEED TO STEP INN
Wouter Vos
Wouter Vos 12 päeva tagasi
I hate the anti-human face diapers, why do you people still trust government? How many things do governments have to get wrong before you stop trusting them?
Peter Ward
Peter Ward 13 päeva tagasi
Melissa's energy works so well alongside Lawrence and Will's chemistry. Love this lineup.
Scott Bott
Scott Bott 13 päeva tagasi
8:58 Why? For what? If you've had the vaccine, there is NO practical, technical, medical or rational reason for a person to put on a mask. Focus on the drive. Leave the social posturing to someone else.
mini maniac
mini maniac 13 päeva tagasi
Silvestone is the most overrated circuit of the past 5 years. This is the lamest race of each season. I know unpopular opinion, but you saw it in the Qualifying race. no way to overtake on this lame track
Brian Lawrence
Brian Lawrence 13 päeva tagasi
Lose the outside wearing of slavery masks please
AIcaire 117
AIcaire 117 13 päeva tagasi
Lets go Williams!
Tee Will
Tee Will 14 päeva tagasi
To walk or not to walk, only Will knows
Dilukshi Ramanayake
Dilukshi Ramanayake 14 päeva tagasi
respect for the camera man for holdind that camera and walking backwards
gizzy guzzi
gizzy guzzi 14 päeva tagasi
When will F1 boycott the murdering nation of China, and the rights abusing countries in the Middle East?
Maky 6969
Maky 6969 13 päeva tagasi
Theres money in there mate
Stephen Tuthill
Stephen Tuthill 14 päeva tagasi
This weekend is going to be interesting... I will admit that as an F1 Fan, who has seen several failed experiments with the sport, that I do wonder why they are playing around with something that works... But, I am sure we will see!
Fernando Froehlich
Fernando Froehlich 14 päeva tagasi
All bright white shoes
Dayve Ferrick
Dayve Ferrick 14 päeva tagasi
White shoe memo sent.
c c
c c 14 päeva tagasi
she said 140,000 people it’s what we need. there was 60,000 knobheads at Wembley so yes an extra 80,000 hooligan poms is what’s needed
Jack97 14 päeva tagasi
What happened to Paddock pass did this replace it?
N3STRo 14 päeva tagasi
Those masks.. I bet they're all vaccinated too.. smh😒
Alex M
Alex M 14 päeva tagasi
You all look silly still wearing your masks
Saad Benhamou
Saad Benhamou 14 päeva tagasi
1:26 just look at kimi bottom left how interested he is about the 2022 f1 car 😂😂
Ilanthirian R P
Ilanthirian R P 14 päeva tagasi
this lady used to have red hair. checkout her id card.
N Johnson
N Johnson 14 päeva tagasi
Not to criticize, but they should have had Melissa on the other side of Will because her hair covered her face, and the wind was blowing from stage right.
Fatbagz 14 päeva tagasi
Why are you nerds wearing masks outside?
Gratian 14 päeva tagasi
I think squeaky voices presenting F1 turn down a lot of fans…
Luis Niederauer
Luis Niederauer 14 päeva tagasi
1:10 legendary picture
LGP 14 päeva tagasi
Please take the masks off
Kelkschiz 14 päeva tagasi
Yeah great, finally some fans. Time to get this pandemic restarted!!
Imre Kiss
Imre Kiss 14 päeva tagasi
1:12 Norris's worldchamp racingcar !!! :) 2021 Max 2022 Lando ! :)
Candy Candice
Candy Candice 14 päeva tagasi
Masks forever ?
Tee Roy
Tee Roy 14 päeva tagasi
I know he's like.. you know like...
Paolo Ortega
Paolo Ortega 14 päeva tagasi
This woman is a mess
Paolo Ortega
Paolo Ortega 14 päeva tagasi
This woman is not for this job
Donald Bonner
Donald Bonner 14 päeva tagasi
The safest place to be in any race is at the front, so I think the fastest guys will be just as aggressive in the sprint and hence result in the same kind of result in the sprint as we have seen in past races.
Abhishai 14 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or does the intro say Da Da Da Daniel?
Oscar Wild
Oscar Wild 14 päeva tagasi
Melissa is such a pretty woman… 😍😍 Hopefully we’ll have an exciting weekend!
Josh Hedrick
Josh Hedrick 14 päeva tagasi
Lewis the crybaby 😫 you can tell he is scared redbull is gonna bring another upgrade that is gonna make the beat down they been getting even worse and I love it
friktion rc
friktion rc 14 päeva tagasi
Ahhh….a Crashtappen/Pepsi fanboi in the house 👏👏👏
Clutch Island
Clutch Island 14 päeva tagasi
F1 has the best media crew 🔥
Your Average Otaku
Your Average Otaku 14 päeva tagasi
Daniel really needs a better fitting mask
BeeCee 14 päeva tagasi
Wonder how long it will be before a disabled person is on the team. Got a colored guy now, a colored girl and a white guy. Can't help but think its these things that gives them their job, not because they are the best in the business.
Thomas Bayliss
Thomas Bayliss 14 päeva tagasi
"The Hamilton Commission". Jesus, racism disguised as compassion.
Your Average Otaku
Your Average Otaku 14 päeva tagasi
Brock Emry
Brock Emry 14 päeva tagasi
Max crash and Lando first win in F1, I'm from the future!
miguel padilla gutierrez
miguel padilla gutierrez 14 päeva tagasi
Deben tener un comentarista en Catellano (Español), es muy importante el idioma más hablado en el mundo(español).
Frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher 14 päeva tagasi
Anybody got the transcripts since subtitles are off
Omesh Singh
Omesh Singh 14 päeva tagasi
Why don't you guys wear the same kind of mask as Hamilton (e.g. at the 9:35 mark) then your nose won't be exposed when your mouth moves. Which is kind of helpful if the mask is supposed to be effective.
Spiros Argiriou
Spiros Argiriou 14 päeva tagasi
Who is considered as the poleman? The one that starts 1st on Sunday's Race?
gidi 14 päeva tagasi
Melissa: I _did_ speak to [insert name here]
Skippy 4077
Skippy 4077 14 päeva tagasi
Anyone f1 fans here thay watched ETCR (electric touring car championship) if so what did you think, I enjoyed it the 3 car shoot-outs in f1 would be awesome
Mike van Overbeek
Mike van Overbeek 14 päeva tagasi
Mazepin wants to lead the team? Really? First he has to try to finish a race.
Arcmor1 14 päeva tagasi
Whenever she spoke I had to skip over it. Im sure she is a lovely lady but this new 3 person thing, did not work. Lawrence and Will have chemistry and know what they are talking about, maybe with time this will get better but as it currently stands... nope cant watch
The fleeing dutchman
The fleeing dutchman 14 päeva tagasi
OZUndead 14 päeva tagasi
What a stuttering approach to talk about Bottas. Pathetic.
Xavier Morla
Xavier Morla 14 päeva tagasi
First time I see a driver interacting in this show
Scott L.
Scott L. 14 päeva tagasi
who that girl is?
Katelyn Mcgowan
Katelyn Mcgowan 14 päeva tagasi
Great F1 race Weekend Warm up ! We really enjoyed watching it,
Me Nunya
Me Nunya 14 päeva tagasi
All the fuss about nothing.
John Ring
John Ring 14 päeva tagasi
FIA: That’s our car Mercedes: Well our car can fly next year 😂
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks 14 päeva tagasi
Valtteri is the most abused driver in F1 history.
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks 14 päeva tagasi
Gimmicks are not exciting. And gifting even more points to the front runners is not exciting either. Imagine the battles if this were a spec championship. Then we would see who really is the best driver and not waste talent running around the track in under-powered 2nd team cars.
soulstice 14 päeva tagasi
The wheel caps remind me of the 2009 brawn car
Vee Macks
Vee Macks 14 päeva tagasi
"because of what happened to him at Wembley" ... mentioned multiple times - no idea what happened to him at Wembley though. I guess a summary of what happened was out of the question.
Vee Macks
Vee Macks 14 päeva tagasi
@Hipotenuza Oh, thanks.
Hipotenuza 14 päeva tagasi
He was robbed after the Euro2020 final.
Han zee
Han zee 14 päeva tagasi
Piete Koo
Piete Koo 14 päeva tagasi
Nice idea in spicing things up in this sport. I can see it catching on in NBL with something like square shaped bats and smaller ball like a golfball. Cricket can spice up by changing to playingwith baseball bats and tennisballs. Tennis can spice up by by first having tiebreakers before the main match. The tiebreaker will decide who serves first. Nahh.
Ar Fa
Ar Fa 14 päeva tagasi
I got a feeling Valteri and Max will go DNF on Sunday.
Jason Barker
Jason Barker 14 päeva tagasi
Hamilton Commission....LOL
Jason Barker
Jason Barker 14 päeva tagasi
Will, you don't get enough credit from a journalistic standpoint. Saving your co-presenters like a madman in this production. Kudos my guy!!
kevin n
kevin n 14 päeva tagasi
I normally can't stand watching the driver interviews because the questions are always the same which elicit the same rehearsed answers but the questions from the fans, especially the kids, are gold. And I can see the drivers having fun with them as well. Keep those questions coming kids!
Aswads Aswad
Aswads Aswad 14 päeva tagasi
We need to see more of Melissa 😍😍😍
ecc entricity
ecc entricity 14 päeva tagasi
Why are they still wearing masks
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 14 päeva tagasi
It's still mandatory for all F1 folks (except Drivers while being interviewed). F1 should soon relax that.
Don Starnes
Don Starnes 14 päeva tagasi
Thank you, Will, Lawrence, and Mellissa! Love you all! Great Chemistry and knowledge!
Junior Jr
Junior Jr 14 päeva tagasi
The female reporter forgot what she talked about with most of the drivers she spoke to lol
Tenacious _E
Tenacious _E 14 päeva tagasi
And you forgot her name.
David Peters
David Peters 14 päeva tagasi
F1 ticked a lot of boxes with these three. I loved the "That's what we are trying to do" from Miss Mauritius 2011-12 as if she was consulted on the rule changes.
Sihle Gwala
Sihle Gwala 14 päeva tagasi
Personally i don't think they needed a third host. Will and Lawrence already have great chemistry and present really well together. They understand each others styles better. No disrespect to Melissa but it did look and feel as if she was not in sync with the rhythm of Will and Lawrence's presenting style. Which was distracting. Just an odd one out.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 14 päeva tagasi
They've been rotating hosts. I suspect they will continue to rotate them.
Hinshi Raito
Hinshi Raito 14 päeva tagasi
I love how people get triggered that people are wearing masks. 1. It doesn't affect you as a viewer 2. If a mask hinders your breathing you might have other problems :'D
bierzan GT
bierzan GT 14 päeva tagasi
Mask promotion, f... U F1.
Triiks 14 päeva tagasi
Who knows? We will have to see what they can do here.
PANOS THE HISTORIAN 14 päeva tagasi
Can sm tell me in how many hours first session starts?
Hipotenuza 14 päeva tagasi
6 pm in UK ( UTC).
Edwins1984 14 päeva tagasi
Great paddock walk 👌
BeMoto 14 päeva tagasi
19:50 What is that DHL motorhome used for? Who's accommodation is that?
Henrique Schmitz
Henrique Schmitz 14 päeva tagasi
They were having so much fun doing this weekend warm-up
Ammanullah Ismail
Ammanullah Ismail 14 päeva tagasi
Whose going to win
thebluep0tat0 14 päeva tagasi
So you talked to.....yes he feels confident. Riveting....
Sharon Mehaffey
Sharon Mehaffey 14 päeva tagasi
When are you going to rid of those ridiculous masks?
HAID3N Official
HAID3N Official 14 päeva tagasi
It's coming home
K2o 14 päeva tagasi
Whats the story with Alonso and Wembley?
ppiness 14 päeva tagasi
Lando*, not Nando. lando norris got mugged at the football match
Olivier Cosse
Olivier Cosse 14 päeva tagasi
Why not having FP1 and FP2 on Friday and qualifying + sprint race on Saturday ? Would make Saturdays very exciting
Adriana Papado
Adriana Papado 14 päeva tagasi
But I can't just skip the intro that is totally talks about Daniel Ricciardo 👌👌
Andrews 14 päeva tagasi
"Hey, we need some Diversity on our Channel" "Well, Let's give the Host a sidekick" "But he can't be white" "Okay" "Oh no, they are both Men" "Quick, let's have another Sidekick, but this time, it's a women, which also can't be white" ... Wait till they find out, that all of them are Straight... This nonsense never ends... :/
TheConfidentNoob 14 päeva tagasi
It will be interesting to see how this new format goes, but if it doesn't work I hope F1 doesn't keep it and it goes back to how we've always known it
Kisoutras 14 päeva tagasi
England: has incidence of over 300 also England: let's have thousands of fans in football arenas and at Silverstone
savethemanual 14 päeva tagasi
More Melissa please
Riccardo Bonacina
Riccardo Bonacina 14 päeva tagasi
England: lies about the number of fans at the euro final. Also England: yes we'll have 140000 fans at Silverstone
Sanjay Oak
Sanjay Oak 14 päeva tagasi
So its almost two quali sessions first the regular one & then the sprint. it may pull some urprise for the teams as there is only FP1 to understand the optimum car set up.
ApexPredator_ 14 päeva tagasi
😡😡😡😡😡 F1 needs to stop mandating the wearing of masks! You're on UK for godsake, not on some third world country!
FMPressure 14 päeva tagasi
WARNING: You need sunglasses on when they pan to the whitest trainers ever seen.
rarekind 14 päeva tagasi
The sprint quali should be a rolling start so as to not take away from sunday’s “lights out and away we go” suspense
Michael Burke
Michael Burke 14 päeva tagasi
Wimbledon is over now, we all don't need matching white tennis shoes ;)
wiiistful 14 päeva tagasi
What happened at Wimbley with Lando?
wiiistful 14 päeva tagasi
@Kev Mehl Thanks!
Kev Mehl
Kev Mehl 14 päeva tagasi
He was mugged while getting into his McLaren after the match. They stole his Richard Mille watch.
MrAndreFerRed 14 päeva tagasi
“He hasnt raced here in a redbull” is the most useless statement in this whole video… true for every single track
P VT 14 päeva tagasi
Why are there so many nega comments here about how dafuq they walk etc.. whocaresman cant we just appre they do this? I really like it
Durka Durk
Durka Durk 14 päeva tagasi
Aaah just what we needed: more diversity….. let’s throw in a female to satisfy the millennials 🤫
This Is SO SMART!!! 😂 #shorts