'A Racing Incident' - F1 TV's Jolyon Palmer Analyses Hamilton And Verstappen's Silverstone Collision 

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As the dust starts to settle on Sunday's dramatic British Grand Prix, Jolyon Palmer goes in depth on the Lap 1 incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

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20 juuli 2021



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adow77 7 minutit tagasi
The more the person commenting on this event knows about F1, the more they tend to see it as either a racing incident, or a minor LH error that was appropriately punished.
Donek Tund tagasi
chris sonneveldt
chris sonneveldt 8 tundi tagasi
bla bla bla mr spinalott !!!
Jon Rogers
Jon Rogers 8 tundi tagasi
I cant agree. Hamilton could have moved slightly over. He knew he would bump Max.
DBN 14 tundi tagasi
thanks for that Jolyan, Brilliant as ever
Peter Morris
Peter Morris 15 tundi tagasi
Brilliant analysis .
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed 18 tundi tagasi
When hit by Garman drivers (MSC/vettel)-its cheating. When by British drivers- it's racing incident!!
col403 19 tundi tagasi
Max is a fool to turn in on Lewis and such a sore loser
Patrick Dwyer
Patrick Dwyer 21 tund tagasi
The trurth consisted of FEW WORDS but ACTION speaks louder than words.MAX FAULTED
Maarten Tromp
Maarten Tromp Päev tagasi
Question to Jolyon. Another fast corner is Eau Rouge going into Raidillon. A similar move there could have fatal consequences, not for the move but for the proximity of the barriers. Would you also consider it a racing incident if it happens there, regardless the outcome? Bottas vs Hartley 2018 is an example where Hartley backed out to avoid collision.
Rehan Mubarak
Rehan Mubarak Päev tagasi
This is mentioned in Wikipedia: The FIA also promotes road safety around the world. They just know to support a separate team they should had disqualified Hamilton from next race for putting max's life in danger..... Just a fan of sport.
kkryspin Päev tagasi
Jolyon - I don't care if you think it was Max's or Hamilton's fault; as you say it was racing incident, but as long as you consisted in your judgment next time looking at similar accident. Another observation - if taking out competitor results in 10 sec penalty, it only cost 20 seconds penalty to take both of your competitors cars out, and with nobody to check you after that overcoming a 20 second penalty will not be difficult. These are the implications of what happened at British GP.
Fuckyosquad Päev tagasi
Almost believed what Palmer said.... but thankfully the real F1 experts in the comment section said otherwise....
Kerem ARSAN Päev tagasi
Max does not respect his rivals... He was 10 years old only when Hamilton wins his first GP ... He drives dangerously aggressive ( cuts many time Hamilton in dangerous way , in this grand prix and in spain ) he is a talented one of the best ever driver but so much self confidence and under estimation of rivals can end in a bad way ...
Andreas Jhon
Andreas Jhon Päev tagasi
Max is such an arrogant... And he pays the price....
Faheem Tahir
Faheem Tahir Päev tagasi
Jolyon Palmer has no credible right to speak of F1, and especially on crashes…which he mastered in F1
Richard Hartley
Richard Hartley Päev tagasi
And yet, he’s just spoken of F1 for 19 minutes and delivered a great piece of analysis!
Supreme Unicorn
Supreme Unicorn Päev tagasi
Who's got the bigger one 😄?
Nikhil Naik
Nikhil Naik Päev tagasi
Max has already given enough space for sir Lewis. Honestly he did saw that crash coming he could have gone to the apex but he didn't.
Fahri 2 päeva tagasi
Because you get wage from your local TV, and your same national guy racing, pounds of money earning from talking, would you say it was lewis mistake? Not.
AAA 2 päeva tagasi
Spot on.
kneekramp 2 päeva tagasi
I'm not a Hamilton fan in general but this is fair. Verstappen would say the same if the shoe was on the other foot. No penalty.
Kelly Burman
Kelly Burman 2 päeva tagasi
Let's face it. Max is a bully and in this instance the bully got himself in trouble
Ellen1600 2 päeva tagasi
Bull! Hamilton ging veel harder de bocht in met Max dan bij Leclerc en H kon veel meer naar binnen.. Max stuurde in omdat hij en de bocht naar rechts moest maken en ervan uitging dat H remde omdat H anders nooit met die snelheid die bocht kon maken. In mijn ogen opzet van H!
Deven Brown
Deven Brown 2 päeva tagasi
6:10 tells it all.
Jochem R.A. Bakker
Jochem R.A. Bakker 2 päeva tagasi
Layman here, but at the angle Lewis goes into the corner, he would definitely force max off the track. see how far out he gets at 7:12.
CARLOS PEREZ 2 päeva tagasi
Everything said about Hamilton's determination can be said about Max. Hamilton had no intention to make the apex and the corner. Almost next to Max means Max is ahead and controls the corner. I don't think F1 has ever said "Driver on the inside controls the corner". Hamilton is going to fast, bad angle to apex and wishful thinking. 100% Hamilton's fault.
Stretch 9 tundi tagasi
Finally a balanced take on the crash lol jks, ya dreaming.
Waarnemer Almere
Waarnemer Almere 2 päeva tagasi
As a Max-fan I was biased and / or had seen too many analysis that went the other way. But Joylon Palmer's clear explanation made me change my mind: it was indeed a racing incident. And the RB-fury was -with hind-sight- over the top
Ellen1600 2 päeva tagasi
Jij laat je te makkelijk overhalen😆
Axelrod R
Axelrod R 2 päeva tagasi
I feel Max trusted Hamilton,he didn't want him to get that corner,he turned flat right,i feel he should have stayed wide if Hamilton was not giving it up&let him make a wide turn& while he can cut inside afterwards. Hamilton surely should've stayed near apex,but he didn't, he didn't improvise when Max turned flat,he let the wheel stick. It is a racing accident,but i feel it's more of Hamilton's fault than Max's,as max was ahead& Hamilton had options,he didn't wanted to turn short, he turned wide after collision
Anthony Massie
Anthony Massie 2 päeva tagasi
Hope the stewards see this before Thursday.
Fire Up
Fire Up 2 päeva tagasi
Hamilton could not have been any tighter going into the corner and doesn't drift left. Max has plenty of room on the outside, but takes the corner at too much of an angle that he cuts across the front of Lewis' car and then forwards into Hamilton's front left tyre. I don't understand why it isn't Max being blamed. Max has the 30+ point lead, had the space, didn't need to take risks, but cuts across and gets too close to Lewis.
Ellen1600 2 päeva tagasi
rionniel viray
rionniel viray 2 päeva tagasi
Can we show this to Horner?
Pearmain2009 2 päeva tagasi
Very well balanced analysis and totally agree it's a racing incident.
fffogg 3 päeva tagasi
Toto's email sent to the stewards was a money transfer....we all know Mercedes owns F1....this crash never happened....
vCry2iS 2 päeva tagasi
Peter Holce
Peter Holce 3 päeva tagasi
Can we move on now please?
Botak 3 päeva tagasi
Excellent analysis
Dsman 3 päeva tagasi
First honest review. He turned in on Hamilton
Keir Mardy
Keir Mardy 3 päeva tagasi
Max got Verstappen'd.
Martin Fuller
Martin Fuller 3 päeva tagasi
My thoughts on it are Hamilton has backed out every time pretty much this season . He had to match Max's agressivenous. Both could easily have gone out. I thought Hamilton's penalty was harsh. Will be interesting to see how they both drive in the coming races
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
super max for the win
Brinta 3 päeva tagasi
I think the penalty was well-deserved, but I agree that it was time for Hamilton to show that he will no longer back out.
Ape from the kitchen of Enki and Enlil.
The rule is simple and not up for debate. The road end's for the attacker. It is only about who is up front.
Bogdan Florin
Bogdan Florin 3 päeva tagasi
such a British review, with a British driver involved. no more comments needed, outcome predictable.
Kerem Okyay
Kerem Okyay 3 päeva tagasi
Of course, you will think it is a racing incident. Hamilton is a legendary driver, missing an apex given that he basically knows everything about the car and so on seems a bit off. He should have been more cautious because he was occupying inside and he was not. Bring honest people...
Mark Barker
Mark Barker 3 päeva tagasi
I think Max and Lewis are great, both knew going into the corner one of them needed to give up, they did not - reminiscent of Ayrton Senna. So far Max only criticised Lewis for celebrating whilst he was in hospital. Horner’s criticism is unfair, but with the budget cap, they are playing the system like all F1 Teams do, if Christian is right then post ‘no overtaking’ signs at these corners, if the situation was reversed, Max would have done the same! This the way F1 was years ago.
Huub van den Oever
Huub van den Oever 3 päeva tagasi
You can’t analyse this incident, you’re a Lewis fanboy
shnrrr 3 päeva tagasi
Why are we shown the dashboard of your computer? Even twitch streamers don't do this!
Lameck Kipsumam
Lameck Kipsumam 3 päeva tagasi
Cant wait to see this on Drive to survive season 4
Ed Young
Ed Young 3 päeva tagasi
Oh look another Britt defending Lewis imagine that
519achilles 4 päeva tagasi
I don't get how it's slighty Hamilton's fault as Palmer says, since the rules say that if the front wheel of the car reach the rear wheel car ahead, then the corner belongs to the car from the back and leading car has to give him space. That's what Wolff sent to the stewards via email as he said in the radio.
519achilles 4 päeva tagasi
Palmer: "This is paper-width stuff" Oh man I loved that line!!!
Imrahil 2 päeva tagasi
I think Palmer is using Stone plates XD
Waqas Durrani
Waqas Durrani 4 päeva tagasi
U could fit 2 cars on the right but he choose to crash into max wow Whatever u say u cant change what he did
motorcopT2 4 päeva tagasi
I remember when the shoe was on the other foot and he was the guy everyone was saying he was reckless and should be suspended. Now all of a sudden everyone has amnesia. 😂
Toro Loco
Toro Loco 4 päeva tagasi
who said that? link please
Gee _Eye
Gee _Eye 4 päeva tagasi
High speed racing incident
CW 4 päeva tagasi
Let Toto and Christian hug and let’s get on with this already
Lucas Gould
Lucas Gould 4 päeva tagasi
Racing incident ham could’ve gone on grass Verstappen could’ve left ham more room Opening lap cold tires and heavy car which is full of fuel ham missed the apex by a fraction Racing incident They were also side by side going into copse
2008gd 4 päeva tagasi
Why does the sport need so many biased British commentators? Can they not understand the sport's international reach and keep it unhinged and unbiased?
Christian Larsen
Christian Larsen 4 päeva tagasi
Even though Verstappen is my favorite driver, I am more in the camp of racing incident. It hurt seeing this, but Lewis and Max were racing hard. It is noticeable though how often these run ins happen with Lewis when fighting for the lead. 2x with Albon, ending his career and now with Max. And the fact that this is at least the 2nd time he has been lucky with red flags so that his mistakes get negated is getting a little old. Hopefully the rest of the season goes down to the final race with hard and clean racing between the two of them.
Antonio Avila
Antonio Avila 4 päeva tagasi
You’re Wrong!!! It’s Hamilton fault. FIA is a mafia always is on Mercedes side.
Remco Rowaan
Remco Rowaan 4 päeva tagasi
What we've learned from this? Always keep the inside line, so worst case you can hit the outside car, eliminate your competitor and get away with a worthless 10 second penalty. FIA has set a very bad precedent with the handling of this dangerous move from Hamilton.
Murphy moe
Murphy moe 4 päeva tagasi
I can see max closing the corner when he knew very well that Louis is alongside besides Louis had no choice while max had it all in his hands when taking the corner ....
oscardriver 4 päeva tagasi
it was an incident tat ended up with a strategic TAP. If you don't understand that you have a mental age of 11.
Riding dirty
Riding dirty 4 päeva tagasi
I feel like the penalty was really rash and in justified. Max didn't give up the line and got into a wreck thinking Hamilton would let of the throttle or hit the brakes and he didn't. We all have are opinions but iv been racing for a while and I've seen this plenty of times and it was Max's over aggressive stance on the turn
KiKi Sama
KiKi Sama 4 päeva tagasi
Mercedes: Verstappen is one DNF for us to get back to the fight 3 days after: Hamilton crashing into Max 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Moises Espino
Moises Espino 4 päeva tagasi
U R bias....this is clearly verstapens fault...... he has bullied his way into corners, many many times.....drivers always back out....not this time...and u say is lewis fault.....how come !!!!
David Doody
David Doody 4 päeva tagasi
Great honest, accurate review.
D R Minis
D R Minis 4 päeva tagasi
Feel like ownership was on Hamilton to either stay on the apex or give the corner to Max.
D R Minis
D R Minis 3 päeva tagasi
@Deven Brown was easily avoidable if Hamilton wasn't going so fast into the turn. He couldn't turn because he did not brake soon enough.
Deven Brown
Deven Brown 3 päeva tagasi
He gave Max a bit of the corner. At 3:57 you see Hamilton slow down significantly, but Verstappen turned into him too sharply to avoid the collision.
Marco van raamsdonk
Marco van raamsdonk 4 päeva tagasi
I totally disagree with your opinion It was a a dangerous move from Hamilton that’s it he should have get a drive true with 10 second penalty
Jamie Reeves
Jamie Reeves 4 päeva tagasi
It was a racing incident in Bizarro World!
Vintage Playback Hifi Hunter
Spot on! If you are a Hamilton Hater, German or Racist, you cannot possibly have a logical analysis.
John Bolwell
John Bolwell 4 päeva tagasi
At last! a common sense analysis of the incident. Lewis had his entire car up the inside, not just a wheel as Christian Horner asserted. At that point Lewis' steering is visibly hard right, trying to get to the apex; Max turns in on him knowing he was there - Lewis's wing is visible as Max turns in and if anything it is Max's fault. Nobody has the right to the racing line if somebody else is already on it. The truth of the matter is that Lewis did Max, fair and square. Lewis should never have got a penalty and justice was done by him winning it. Christian Horner's credibility is shot to pieces.
davel101 4 päeva tagasi
I look at this in the following way. As Max couldn't see Hamilton due to the design of modern F1 cars, Hamilton is in control of what happens. It comes down to this for me, as Max couldn't see Hamilton, how could Max avoid the accident? Hamilton oculd have / should have done what he did during the sprint race and back off. wI do think it was a racing incident, but a very dangerous and expensive one. I aslo think that Hamilton isn't used to not being the quickest and his usual calmness was missing at the start of the race.
TheBlue028 4 päeva tagasi
This is just insane imo, in the event of a collision the driver who was in the wrong or made the error that caused the collision should be held responsible regardless of how big or small the error. The ONLY time it shouldn't be penalised is when the driver is not responsible for the error like a mechanical failure. This whole era of 'racing incident' is just bizarre and 100% will end up being abused if it hasn't already.
Patrik Johansson
Patrik Johansson 4 päeva tagasi
Totally agree with your version of the incident. Very detaild in-depth analysis.
Namaste1001 4 päeva tagasi
Perhaps all these people who are closely involved with F1 know its rigged and are trying to keep a lid on it, hence their "racing incident" conclusions. Have people forgotten how Nico parked his car at monaco so Lewis couldn't complete his lap, thus preventing him from getting pole?
Kevin de best
Kevin de best 4 päeva tagasi
9:15 and hamilton also was driving slower there, plus Leclerc said after the race he was giving lewis more space because of the accident earlier and if he had not to understeer he still had it so... I think max had the corner, and lewis should have braked to not get understeer and have a tighter corner. but when cornering lewis wasn't alongside anymore also, 14:48 (you see lewis behind max through the corners because of less wing) lewis had a less wing less drag set up so he was slower through corners and more likely to understeer, and max had more wing so was faster in corners so that made max holing corners at high sped more easily than lewis that's why i think its lewis fault be cause he knew he would understeer in cops corner at that speed wich he did so
B TEEG 4 päeva tagasi
Look at Max staring wheels motions He differently Turned into LEWIS, SPEAK THE TRUTH MY FRIEND
i i
i i 5 päeva tagasi
so what yur sayin is get out of the way let hamilton by .
Dennis H
Dennis H 5 päeva tagasi
8:46 so why the fxxk Ham & Lec didn't carsh? Mr Jolyon Palmer Beacuse Ham is on the fxxking curb.
Dennis H
Dennis H 5 päeva tagasi
Owen Bell
Owen Bell 5 päeva tagasi
This is a very por look at the crash it was partially a racing incident but Lewis determined whether it was going to happen or not he was poking in the inside on a high-speed corner and another thing to look at is the line of the Ferrari behind he was 3 feet closer to the apex that was the inside line if Lewis ran that like max assumed he would it would have been a clean corner Lewis crashed him 100%
Rudy Kalkbasepijpje
Rudy Kalkbasepijpje 5 päeva tagasi
Can't wait how many people got infected by eachother during this event. Keep in mind 2 weeks incubation time.
Axle Grind
Axle Grind 5 päeva tagasi
the right rear tire on verstappen's car had the least amount of weight on it from the weight transfer and accelerating out of the corner, while hamilton's left front had most of the weight of the car on it. that is why hamilton made it through the corner knocking wheels and verstappen did not.
Sean Karl
Sean Karl 4 päeva tagasi
That's a very keen observation. I think you are correct. It would be interesting to analyse other similar crashes to see how they turn out. I wonder what the effective weight difference would be in this situation. Maybe the teams are aware of this phenomena. If so Max Verstappen should have been extra careful not to make contact with someone coming up on the inside.
St Hope
St Hope 5 päeva tagasi
Hamilton knew where he was in each inside pass and hence the way he addressed each of them.
St Hope
St Hope 5 päeva tagasi
Appreciate you. The view of Verstappen's turning in twice shows he choose to squeeze Hamilton, deceiving himself that he could continue bullying. He tells himself everyone will be a gentleman to him; while he alone should be aggressive. Daniel: "Is that who I think it is ?" Engineer: Yes Danny we confirm that.
Remain Grateful to Allah
Remain Grateful to Allah 5 päeva tagasi
Trolls are out huh? 😮‍💨
Alex Albus
Alex Albus 5 päeva tagasi
How come every analysis comes to the conclusion that it was Hamilton's fault and then declares it as a racing incident?
Big Pundo
Big Pundo 5 päeva tagasi
Olu 5 päeva tagasi
The most succinct analysis so far. Racing incident period.
N3STRo 5 päeva tagasi
More British bias, If the situation was reversed, Max would be suspended and ridiculed.. no doubt about it.
Black Legion
Black Legion 5 päeva tagasi
Hamilton Main Goal is Knock Out Max..
Trance 9
Trance 9 5 päeva tagasi
This and Chainbears video are spot on.
Jip 5 päeva tagasi
All the brits are so biased, Hamilton was never alongside or in front of Max and knew he would crash. He does not make mistakes he knew what was going to happen. T
Jip Päev tagasi
@Willaim Steleson well my first sentence says different this guy is showing his bias.
Willaim Steleson
Willaim Steleson 5 päeva tagasi
L. @ 7:11 says different.
Richard Cevat
Richard Cevat 5 päeva tagasi
This is ridiculous. An Englishman squirming in all kinds of directions, almost admitting that Lewis was wrong three times. But that would cost you audience in britan, wouldn't it?
Teresa Maria
Teresa Maria 5 päeva tagasi
Verstapen fault
Jay1 Live
Jay1 Live 5 päeva tagasi
Hamilton should be suspended point blank.. no drivers ever take the inside through copse corner.. if Max wasn’t there Hamilton goes straight into the wall. Hamilton knew exactly what he was doing.
Jay1 Live
Jay1 Live 3 päeva tagasi
@Angry Doggy what is the fastest you have gone in MPH ? Don’t lie either. Copse corner is a 190mph curve... that’s fast
Angry Doggy
Angry Doggy 3 päeva tagasi
@Jay1 Live And you know that because you’re an experienced F1 driver and you’ve analysed all the data? I guess that little knock took all the speed out of his car, that must be it. Weird how he was cornering just fine before the hit, perhaps not on the most efficient line but still cornering. But here’s a question for you. As an experienced racing driver, have you never taking a corner away from the racing line without crashing? I sure have and I’m just an amateur.
Jay1 Live
Jay1 Live 3 päeva tagasi
@Angry Doggy he definitely would not have stayed on the track without Verstappen being there in his way. I’m glad you finally understand the point I’m making
Angry Doggy
Angry Doggy 3 päeva tagasi
@Jay1 Live Well if you do know anything about racing it’s weird you would make the ridiculous claim that Hamilton would have gone straight. That’s just total nonsense. He wouldn’t have been able to pass Max and he would have lost a lot of ground, but going straight off? Definitely not.
Jay1 Live
Jay1 Live 3 päeva tagasi
@Angry Doggy I have driven circuit and still do .. if you don’t understand what I am saying then that’s your problem not mine
Asthra Nick
Asthra Nick 5 päeva tagasi
If Max would have given that space to Lewis it would have been a big lose for him
Piotr Koniarski
Piotr Koniarski 5 päeva tagasi
"(Hamilton) He's not here to avoid the collision" What?!
RUBEN 5 päeva tagasi
7 time world champion doesn't make a mistake if not on purpose.
Abdallah El-Daour
Abdallah El-Daour 5 päeva tagasi
12:45 I have to disagree with you on one matter. Grojean's incident with Sainz is definitely a racing incident BUT look at the difference is space allowed for Grojean vs. Lewis's.... that's the real difference lewis had the space he needed to avoid collision, no oversteer to correct.. Thoughts?
Kevin de best
Kevin de best 4 päeva tagasi
you mean understeer :) but yes I agree lewis should have known better with his less wing setup, that with the speed he was going in he should have known that he would understeer towards max slightly
swordandkeyboard 5 päeva tagasi
The announcer is a shill for Hamilton. If was a racing incident then there would have been No penalty. That's why you're an announcer and not a track official. :)
Terry Allen
Terry Allen 5 päeva tagasi
Brilliant analysis as usual.
Huse 5 päeva tagasi
Spot on.