F2 Feature Race Highlights | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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A dominant display from Guanyu Zhou saw the Chinese driver win a race of redemption!

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18 juuli 2021



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a.d.e _official
a.d.e _official 4 päeva tagasi
bring back valsecchi
Salt 7 päeva tagasi
Gibran Abid
Gibran Abid 9 päeva tagasi
David 9 päeva tagasi
ART really hurting Lundgaards chances for F1 seat. They've done horrible so far
RANK 10 päeva tagasi
Infelizmente o Drugovich não é tudo isso que acreditamos ser.
Erick Palacios
Erick Palacios 10 päeva tagasi
Wait, there was an F2 race this weekend? 😅
milk tea
milk tea 8 päeva tagasi
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 10 päeva tagasi
Did any one notice 1 3 5 all had horrible grip off that side of the track at the start seemed pretty unfair position to be especially for pole.
Biscuit 10 päeva tagasi
commentator sounds bored. Quite monotone
RagerU 11 päeva tagasi
Another reason to be PO'ed that Renault has given a long-term contract to Ocon. When Alonso leaves (hopefully after making a run at a third title) Zhou and Gasly should've been their drivers.
Paul Hurst
Paul Hurst 4 päeva tagasi
Piastri is more deserving of a seat than Zhou, he's leading the F2 championship in his rookie season, and this is Guanyu Zhou's third season of F2. Oscar to me is a better choice
Obscure Reference
Obscure Reference 11 päeva tagasi
No intent wreck for the lead? No wonder these guys aren't in the big show yet.
T Shields
T Shields 11 päeva tagasi
This announcer is trash
MicZter 11 päeva tagasi
You have to change the comentators bcz the comentating in this race was a bit dull
KoSXxPotatisbarnetXD 11 päeva tagasi
I think Rosanna did a great job, just wish for a little more enthusiasm at the start :D
Kabir K A
Kabir K A 11 päeva tagasi
The enthusiasm that croft would have shown here
Perry Stalsis' World of Biology
Take it easy Rosanna. Don't get too excited darlin.
Mac Sixtyfive
Mac Sixtyfive 12 päeva tagasi
Us: How do you win a F3 Championship? When there is a different winner each race? Oscar Piastri: Hold my Foster's Us: How do you win a F2 Championship? When there is a different winner each race? Oscar Piastri: See Above or check my email
Dimitris Dimitrov
Dimitris Dimitrov 12 päeva tagasi
TPEME KAPEKJAS of Know 💪💪💪💪💪👑👑👑👑👑👑💎💎💎💍💍💍💎 SPS SMALL business 🗣️🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠💍💍💎 SPS of Know SE NBC universal studios iOS
Param Drall
Param Drall 12 päeva tagasi
This is Racing... Meanwhile F1 drivers bumping into others to win.
El Majico
El Majico 12 päeva tagasi
URAL KALI (Mazepin) and Red Bull (Marko) together... What a combination 🤣
Rodolfo Magdaleno
Rodolfo Magdaleno 12 päeva tagasi
The only way you can beat Verstappen.
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
If Russell goes to Mercedes, I hope Ticktum will get that Williams seat as he's their academy driver. Showing some great pace and overtaking ability this year Sure Nissany maybe getting all that time in the F1 car but look at his F2 performances, I can't begin to count the amount of times I've seen him crash or in a spin
Janson B
Janson B 11 päeva tagasi
I hope that too, or one of the Alpines
Matt A
Matt A 12 päeva tagasi
Great race from Ticktum. He's quietly ticking along very nicely in this championship. Hopefully he can keep his nose clean and show a bit of self-reflection going forward.
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
I'd give him a shout for that Williams seat if Russell moves to Merc He is the Williams Academy driver after all
Rob I
Rob I 12 päeva tagasi
The male commentator couldn't get a word in
avada 12 päeva tagasi
It's rather annoying that they call this guy Joe, when it's obviously not his name.
J. P.
J. P. 11 päeva tagasi
It is in fact how you would pronounce Zhou
NoName JustGame
NoName JustGame 12 päeva tagasi
this commentary is actually ruining f2 for me
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer 12 päeva tagasi
What a poor race that was... very disappointed with that one.
Nikolai Andreyevich
Nikolai Andreyevich 12 päeva tagasi
The CHEAT stole this race. The only was this guy wins.
Udtojan Pestillos
Udtojan Pestillos 12 päeva tagasi
Lewis Hamilton - Most overrated driver in history of F1
Илья Давыдов
Илья Давыдов 12 päeva tagasi
No respect for Hamilton . The dirtiest driver in F1. Even during the championship of Vettel, he regularly created dangerous situations. Max, get well soon!
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
This is F2 mate, we come here to get away from F1 so go put this comment else where
Suriya 12 päeva tagasi
Why do I feel like F2 is ASMR version of F1?
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
It's a different commentator this weekend, Alex Jaques the usual commentator is much better
R-Amores 12 päeva tagasi
Lundgaard again with some incredibly bad luck
RebBell_AiR 12 päeva tagasi
Imagine the pit stop from lungaard is the same penalty as Lewis gets for the crash haha its a joke
Greg Drou
Greg Drou 11 päeva tagasi
Wayne 12 päeva tagasi
That fat man with the green flag was so slow today 😭😂
John Moore
John Moore 12 päeva tagasi
How to win a race: Step1 - Crash into your championship rival Step 2 - Repair your car under red flag Step 3 - Take 10s penalty Step 4 - Get team orders handed to you Step 5 - Win a race against a broken Ferrari Great win.
Bharadwaj R
Bharadwaj R 12 päeva tagasi
Wrong video buddy
Green Tonic
Green Tonic 12 päeva tagasi
i came here to get away from that, why u gotta be like that men, f2 was supposed to be my safe haven
Shuvodeep Ash
Shuvodeep Ash 12 päeva tagasi
I'm a huge Rosanna Tennet fan... She's a great host and presenter but clearly commentary is not her stronger suit
luc lock
luc lock 12 päeva tagasi
小周牛逼 加油
SAM BRICKELL 12 päeva tagasi
That announcer woman's voice is so annoying.
Joaquín Alonso
Joaquín Alonso 12 päeva tagasi
If you lose a wheel (and the race) on the pit lane, you get a 10 second penalty. If you cause a nasty crash finishing your opponent's race and pontentially injurying him, you also get a 10 second penalty and you can win the race at home.
Iceman 12 päeva tagasi
After the first half of the year the main contenders for the title are: Robert Shwartzman/Oscar Piastri for Prema, who look to have the constructors in the bag. Guanyu Zhou for UNI Virtuosi Dan Ticktum for Carlin Juri Vips for Hitech
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui 12 päeva tagasi
There's still half a season to go, I wouldn't pick any championship contenders just yet. Although I have to say Zhou as well as the two Prema drivers have been looking great so far.
Bronco Balboa
Bronco Balboa 12 päeva tagasi
how is piastri allowed to keep p3 when he went off the track completely to keep that position?
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 12 päeva tagasi
They both looked like they left the track and gained so how do you punish one and not the other
LiL Romi
LiL Romi 12 päeva tagasi
F2 is like F1's little sister
JV the Tossh
JV the Tossh 12 päeva tagasi
Lundgaard is the unluckiest man on this grid. The amount of times he's been shot out of point positions for no fault of his own...
Go Away
Go Away 12 päeva tagasi
It was my last f1 whatcing!!!!!!!! Pirelli wins again!!! Its joke!!! FU Pirelli!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Away
Go Away 12 päeva tagasi
@James Hunt :) I will back again... When the lottery desides who will uses Hamilton's tires.... :D
James Hunt
James Hunt 12 päeva tagasi
CustomName 12 päeva tagasi
Great to watch
Sr Luni
Sr Luni 11 päeva tagasi
Wow CustomName!
Marcus Keeler
Marcus Keeler 12 päeva tagasi
"... around that large looping bend....". Really?
James Hunt
James Hunt 12 päeva tagasi
I must say. That has to be one of Lewis’ greatest wins. Christian Horner must be furious after Lewis came back from that extra 10 seconds added. Helmut Marko is probably doing his best to get Sir Lewis suspended and yet Lewis reigns supreme.
xelii24 12 päeva tagasi
@James Hunt lol he eliminated verstappen totally! Verstappen might not even make it to th next gp
RepoTheNon 12 päeva tagasi
@James Hunt lewis had plenty of room but he over drove the corner and crashed into Max. They weren’t side by side either because Lewis’s front wing went into Max’s back tire. I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose but lewis 100% could’ve avoided the collision. And other than max no one can compare to lewis so I’m not surprised he overcame the 10 second penalty. Also the race was red flagged so lewis got a free pit stop instead of having to pit during the race to repair his wing.
James Hunt
James Hunt 12 päeva tagasi
@RepoTheNon You’re pathetic. It was a racing incident, neither of them backed off and in the end Max crashed and Lewis took the penalty. Then Lewis won. Cry more please.
RepoTheNon 12 päeva tagasi
Yep just punt your only rival all the way to the hospital. Great win
James Hunt
James Hunt 12 päeva tagasi
@__ shameful? Just bitter because Lewis won. He took the penalty and still came back and won. Cry.
Me Me
Me Me 12 päeva tagasi
James Hunt
James Hunt 12 päeva tagasi
Took the penalty and still won.
Сергей Глезаров
happy victory, HAMkiller
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
Wrong video
James Hunt
James Hunt 12 päeva tagasi
Jellevip 12 päeva tagasi
Don’t like the commentator, makes the race less interesting
Pierre PaperScissors
Pierre PaperScissors 12 päeva tagasi
Nothing against the commentary really, but where's M. Jacques?
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
He was doing the live F1 coverage for Channel 4 this weekend
szewei1985 12 päeva tagasi
Alex Brundle also not available. Deng yo.
Luis Dangelo
Luis Dangelo 12 päeva tagasi
Bochorno de la Fia!!!Era exclusión a Hamilton!!!si daba al reves lo excluían a Max!!!
Luis Dangelo
Luis Dangelo 12 päeva tagasi
@DiëgøSZP ඞ Lewis es un gran piloto y no necesita esa ayuda!cometio un grosero error y debia pagar por ello!!!
DiëgøSZP ඞ
DiëgøSZP ඞ 12 päeva tagasi
sin chillar
David Pimblett
David Pimblett 12 päeva tagasi
I’m going to be Gutted if Hamilton wins and it looks very likely 😡😡
AJ 12 päeva tagasi
I really Hope Zhou win The Championship....bcs Asian Pride....
Paul Hurst
Paul Hurst 4 päeva tagasi
I'm Australian and gunning for Piastri to win the F2 title. Let's go 🇦🇺! 😁
CHERN0BYLCH1LD 12 päeva tagasi
What's everyone's problem with the commentary? She's doing exactly what I would expect
Mike K
Mike K 12 päeva tagasi
This announcer stinks. She adds zero excitement to the race
Harshit Dube
Harshit Dube 12 päeva tagasi
Daruvala 😔
Mark Smit
Mark Smit 12 päeva tagasi
Are F1 stewards crazy? The nr 2 in the championship drives the no1 off the track, making one of the more stupidest moves I have seen on that circuit they are racing on and all he gets is 10 seconds penalty? This is a carte blanche to start bumper car races. Just drive your opponent off the track and all you get is 10 seconds penalty!
六万 12 päeva tagasi
Rosanna's better at interviewing. Her commentary is a little bland for me
szewei1985 12 päeva tagasi
Agreed. Haha. Should try Natalie Pinkham 2 test her commentary chops.
dnrjtg 12 päeva tagasi
I feel so bad for Christian. Seems like he has the 2nd ART curse. Would love to see him in F1 one day
Edgar Lona
Edgar Lona 12 päeva tagasi
Hamilton is scared of getting that penalty
Exvious 12 päeva tagasi
who joe?
KanackAttack 12 päeva tagasi
wow this passion. incredible
Xiaolong Chen
Xiaolong Chen 12 päeva tagasi
Bravo, Guanyu. Jiayou~
Christo Joseph
Christo Joseph 12 päeva tagasi
Daruvala got the fastest lap but he is not much of a fighter.
Vivek Nair
Vivek Nair 11 päeva tagasi
@Sankhdeep Mitra yeah but Red Bull are very ruthless. If this goes on he will get the axe
Sankhdeep Mitra
Sankhdeep Mitra 11 päeva tagasi
It's not been Jehan's season. The other Red Bull academy drivers are doing better than him. He is arguably doing worse than last year which is completely insane. Our best hope for F1 has fallen short when it was needed the most.
Kartikey Gupta
Kartikey Gupta 12 päeva tagasi
@Vivek Nair nah, he ain't even got pace, his qualifying has been terrible compared to ticktum in the past few races, he needs to step up real quick
Vivek Nair
Vivek Nair 12 päeva tagasi
He has the pace but his race craft is poor unfortunately.
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
Similar to Bottas then
Alushi_F1 12 päeva tagasi
Lundgaard most unlucky driver
BS C 12 päeva tagasi
Zhou shut them up.
GAMING Ilan 12 päeva tagasi
Whose watching because of the red flag
Varun .B. Nair
Varun .B. Nair 12 päeva tagasi
Horrible day for redbull
Blesstheweather 12 päeva tagasi
liked the commentator
Logan Powers
Logan Powers 12 päeva tagasi
Huh Is Alex Jaques not there?
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
He was doing the live F1 coverage on Channel 4
Dark Ceery
Dark Ceery 12 päeva tagasi
Oscar piastri its very strong defence after battle verschoor and got podium third place
shmet 12 päeva tagasi
Most boring race of the season so far?
Picrure Perfect
Picrure Perfect 12 päeva tagasi
Hey “there”
Roi De Guzman
Roi De Guzman 12 päeva tagasi
Verschoor's Engineer 🤝 Mick's Engineer The one that motivates and the one who keeps you calm.
Dark Ceery
Dark Ceery 12 päeva tagasi
The FIA 10 second penalty with lungard the car lose tyre in the pitlane
Mekhzino 12 päeva tagasi
Commentator sounded bored 😅😅
Brin George
Brin George 12 päeva tagasi
This commentary sounds like a news broadcast… at least try to sound like you enjoy what you’re watching
El cactus de la muerte
El cactus de la muerte 12 päeva tagasi
The normal commentary team isn't present so they've just up and made an interviewer with no experience commentating the commentator. It'll be back to normal next round
K 12 päeva tagasi
When you realize jehan got more points in p10 than zendeli in p9
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer 11 päeva tagasi
@K Yes it is.
Janson B
Janson B 11 päeva tagasi
@K yup
K 12 päeva tagasi
@Amazing A The Dreamer but is fastest lap 2 points in f2?
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer 12 päeva tagasi
Well, that's the fastest lap for you.
ben spibey
ben spibey 12 päeva tagasi
I’m sorry but the driver should not be penalised for something that he can’t control, it’s a joke, just fine the team.
ben spibey
ben spibey 12 päeva tagasi
@Footwork fair enough
Footwork 12 päeva tagasi
If they did that, teams would just break the rules all the time to the advantage of the driver. They would just pay to cheat essentially. That's why the driver (who is part of the team) is punished.
P JR 12 päeva tagasi
I like Rosanna doing interviews etc. but she doesn't seem to have the speed of thought for commenting or is she able to realise and react to the excitement or drama of a situation. I watched the race and was completely bored, she also continued to talk and talk regardless of she knew what she was talking about.. Harry should've taken more control of the commentary
Mary 12 päeva tagasi
Sentinel 12 päeva tagasi
the new female commentator has no energy
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
@El cactus de la muerte you mean channel 4
El cactus de la muerte
El cactus de la muerte 12 päeva tagasi
She's not the new commentator. She's an interviewer forced into a role she has no experience in because the normal team is unavailable this weekend (one is racing at monza one is commentating for channel 5)
Niklas Eßer
Niklas Eßer 12 päeva tagasi
Please bring back the old format. I don't want to wait so long between race weekends.
Shyla Gilling
Shyla Gilling 10 päeva tagasi
I agree! I preferred when the F2 and F3 raced on the same weekends and there wasnt a massive gap in between races
El cactus de la muerte
El cactus de la muerte 12 päeva tagasi
@NtsParadize I know but I feel like the fact travel is as difficult as it is rn isn’t exactly helping the cause. The pandemic was also one of the main reasons this part of the cost cutting measures were put in place. The series was actually moving towards having more rounds prior to it happening. Albert park and zandvort were originally planned in for this season before being canned not long before the provisional calendars release, the prior being dropped completely and the latter being given to f3
NtsParadize 12 päeva tagasi
@El cactus de la muerte They want to reduce the costs
El cactus de la muerte
El cactus de la muerte 12 päeva tagasi
They likely will but there's a reason they can't this year
Nicholas David Hutabarat
Nicholas David Hutabarat 12 päeva tagasi
Race engineer: Overtake Piastri, you can do it, go go go!! Richard: Verschoor
Maurice Rose
Maurice Rose 12 päeva tagasi
...Little F1...
x18BritishBillx18 12 päeva tagasi
Happy for Zhou. After what happened he really needed a little boost to help him get back on top
Footwork 12 päeva tagasi
Alpine needs a junior F1 team. Where are they going to place Zhou and Piastri?
Footwork 12 päeva tagasi
@Hywel masaki I was wondering if Williams would make a deal with Renault/Alpine. Makes sense. Williams have had Mercedes forever, but it doesn't seem to be to their advantage. If Russell moves to Mercedes, a Zhou/Piastri Williams lineup (though young) sounds excellent.
Hywel masaki
Hywel masaki 12 päeva tagasi
They're looking at supplying Williams with Renault engines next season. Plus even if they don't, Ocon is managed by Toto wolfe, could be part of the deal
Daniel Sorescu
Daniel Sorescu 12 päeva tagasi
Commentary sounds like an aarava vid 😂😂😂
Victor Figueroa
Victor Figueroa 12 päeva tagasi
Verschoor's engineer has to be the most supportive person I've heard all season
Johannes De Silentio
Johannes De Silentio 12 päeva tagasi
And he say dai dai dai, in italian Is let's go let's go!
Wei Richard
Wei Richard 12 päeva tagasi
His engineer is so passionate😂😂It’s such a shame that he didn’t overtake PIA since he had much more speed
UD2 12 päeva tagasi
I believe women are just as capable at commenting as men. However I’m sure F2 can find a commentator with more passion than the individual who commentated this weekend.
Mark Pellman
Mark Pellman 8 päeva tagasi
@Lukas S. & Martin Fraser Totally agree. I feel as though Crofty is trying to add some unneeded element to the start of F1 races by yelling and it really gets on my nerves. Let the cars do the talking. I don’t mean to be grouchy, just thought I’d mention that I feel you and appreciate chill, collected commentary like Rosanna brings 👊🙂
Fkez05 12 päeva tagasi
Alex will be back next race He's been doing the live F1 coverage for Channel 4 this weekend
Stephan Schröder
Stephan Schröder 12 päeva tagasi
Same! 👍 I somehow was expecting the: LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO! ...and then that happened. 😧
Fridtjof Riibe
Fridtjof Riibe 12 päeva tagasi
She’s not a hype person like the usual commentator. Probably great as a 2nd commentator tbh
Gavin Mellon
Gavin Mellon 12 päeva tagasi
This is a prime example of box ticking.
Nobilt 12 päeva tagasi
golf commentators are more excited
El cactus de la muerte
El cactus de la muerte 12 päeva tagasi
In their defence they are interviewers with no commentary experience put in the role because the normal team are unavailable this weekend
CANAL DO SERGINHO 12 päeva tagasi
Go Drugo!
MYM 12 päeva tagasi
Congratulations to Zhou
go cool 91
go cool 91 12 päeva tagasi
Expected an Indian driver will drive in F1 soon, but hopes are getting low now, maybe after some years..
Rishi Aditya Gupta
Rishi Aditya Gupta 12 päeva tagasi
Hopefully yes.. he shall bounce back up
Hum to ud gye
Hum to ud gye 12 päeva tagasi
Kuch bhi... thoda ruko thoda sabar karo.. sab hoga.. 👌👍
Sandro Doulis
Sandro Doulis 12 päeva tagasi
The amount of bad luck Lundgaard has is ridiculous
Sima Biswas
Sima Biswas 12 päeva tagasi
I agree wih you mate
Herbert Larios Barrionuevo
Quero ver uma vitória do Drugovich ainda este ano.
Álefe 12 päeva tagasi
Difícil... Ele é da mesma equipe do Zhou e não consegue vencer
Ice Cream Studios
Ice Cream Studios 12 päeva tagasi
FIA: 5 second time penalty for trying to actually race
Hcr2 forestfire
Hcr2 forestfire 7 päeva tagasi
@diogo yeah, it is different but he learnt from the accident and was able to prevent another crash.
diogo 7 päeva tagasi
@Hcr2 forestfire I mean just look at his trajectory line with the Verstappen incident compared to the one he takes when he overtakes Leclerc
Hcr2 forestfire
Hcr2 forestfire 7 päeva tagasi
@diogo dude you know he didn't do it on purpose 🙄. At that speed it is tough to take the line. Hamilton would have retired if not for the red flag. Yes it was Hamiltons fault but it wasn't intentional
diogo 11 päeva tagasi
@Leeds Fan. Hamilton completely misses the apex. On the other hand, while overtaking Leclerc, Hamilton drives on the apex
Leeds Fan.
Leeds Fan. 12 päeva tagasi
@Beryllium lol no he crashed him it was maxes line
Rain Syix
Rain Syix 12 päeva tagasi
why is aitkin still in f2
Krystian Ławniczak
Krystian Ławniczak 12 päeva tagasi
He's there as Nannini's replacement in HWA
NeonColored aka Manuel
NeonColored aka Manuel 12 päeva tagasi
decent driver, terrible team
Shreyas Vadrewu
Shreyas Vadrewu 12 päeva tagasi
You need actual racing skill in order to attack someone, Roy... Let's hope his sizable 'fanbase' doesn't see this comment!!
Dj Porsche
Dj Porsche 12 päeva tagasi
@Janson B even at spinning hes bad... he had a hard time taking it back in control
Janson B
Janson B 12 päeva tagasi
Yeah, spinning is not a skill xD
Lumi 12 päeva tagasi
Someone's getting fired :0
Gustavo 12 päeva tagasi
Go Drugo!!!!
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