F2 Sprint Race 1 Highlights | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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Silverstone - we're back, and what a race to kick our weekend off with!

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17 juuli 2021



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Lightening McQueen
Lightening McQueen 5 päeva tagasi
Awesome race.
Stratowind 8 päeva tagasi
Why doesn't Deledda just drive F2 cars alone for fun. It's not like he is racing anyways. He's just an obstruction and hazard.
F1 Frenzy
F1 Frenzy 9 päeva tagasi
The high driving speed, abrupt brakes, and many other factors are what contribute to the weight loss of the tires. This is why the tires have to be as quality as the car is itself for optimal performance.
Guilherme F
Guilherme F 9 päeva tagasi
Felipe Drugovich 🇧🇷
wodzekleaf 11 päeva tagasi
one word "there"
SuShi22 Ds
SuShi22 Ds 12 päeva tagasi
Nissans has done a long lap
7sq 12 päeva tagasi
Shut up ,not radio!
Barry Sargent
Barry Sargent 12 päeva tagasi
Wow, Lawson is a great racer.
Mudvayniac 3:16
Mudvayniac 3:16 13 päeva tagasi
Female commentator: There. There. there!!!
anonim 13 päeva tagasi
Where is the "lights off the way we go" ? This does not feel like formula 2 racing
Lokesh Jaya rao
Lokesh Jaya rao 13 päeva tagasi
Cna i know where is jehan
Deano 1978
Deano 1978 13 päeva tagasi
Piastri in for Alonso in 2023? I know Guanyu Zhou is the current Alpine test driver but to date he hasn't won a championship in F4, F3 or F2 (6th in 2020 is his best F2). No doubt he is talented but I get the feeling he got bumped up to move product in the lucrative Chinese market rather than on pure talent. Oscar Piastri was runner-up in the 2017 British F4, won the 2019 Formula Renault, was the 2020 F3 Champ and is currently leading the F2 standings. Yes I am a biased Aussie.
Guadalupe Ramírez
Guadalupe Ramírez 13 päeva tagasi
and the feature?
Lennon Whitehead
Lennon Whitehead 13 päeva tagasi
Why did they choose to make the commentating so terrible?
Jasper Visser
Jasper Visser 13 päeva tagasi
Sorry, I don't really feel the female commentator
Psycho Creep
Psycho Creep 13 päeva tagasi
I've actually seen what was happening to that car's front right tire getting locked up occasionally here in the states racing Legends cars. It ended up being wheel bearings that were broken completely in half and when they got vibrated into just the right position it would completely lock the wheel up.
baden hohapata
baden hohapata 13 päeva tagasi
worst commentary ever..
Psycho Creep
Psycho Creep 13 päeva tagasi
Say what you want about F2, and I know it's not the pinnacle, I know it's not as fast, I know the drivers aren't as experienced and talented, but the racing is more exciting and is what F1 fans want F1 to be so badly. Hopefully these new cars and new super strict regulations preventing teams from changing the shape and aerodynamics of the cars will give us the racing that we all long for.
Cam Anderson
Cam Anderson 13 päeva tagasi
alex must come back next race. her commentary was awful
Mr. Pudding
Mr. Pudding 13 päeva tagasi
That's wiggity wack Wyatt!
LCPD 13 päeva tagasi
Where's Aiden Jackson, Lukas Weber and Devon Butler?
Robert 13 päeva tagasi
this looks like a video game
VenomousCompany 13 päeva tagasi
About the woman commentator (Don't know her name). Yes the commentating wasn't great here but I think a lot of that was due to no team work between the 2. Sometimes commentators know how to take their turns between commentating but this time both didn't know when to speak or to stop speaking. No real teamwork. Honestly I'd give her a chance. She wasn't terrible.
Daniel Weir
Daniel Weir 13 päeva tagasi
While I miss hearing Alex's commentary, Rosanna did a brilliant job, I would be really happy to hear more of her in the future
Vagner Silva
Vagner Silva 13 päeva tagasi
Muito bom
Gray Louch
Gray Louch 13 päeva tagasi
Poor commentary, the lady sounds enthusiastic but overall both commentators are poor.
Rory McCrossan
Rory McCrossan 13 päeva tagasi
Drinking game: whenever the commentator says 'there' take a shot.
Puneet Sharma
Puneet Sharma 13 päeva tagasi
Hey we want f1 updates yeah
Majin Merrk
Majin Merrk 13 päeva tagasi
Rosanna did great job. Little hyped there at the beginning but she settled in. She'll only get better, she's a fantastic presenter.
MicZter 13 päeva tagasi
YEEEEAAAAHHH Verschoor is pole position for race 2
Spr1ng7 G4m3r
Spr1ng7 G4m3r 13 päeva tagasi
MicZter 13 päeva tagasi
Where is the previous comentator???😞
dean moore
dean moore 13 päeva tagasi
Lol worst commentary of all time, bar non
Gea Vaska
Gea Vaska 13 päeva tagasi
Is that Rosanna?
clutchRup 13 päeva tagasi
What happened to the camera quality
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube 13 päeva tagasi
Never seen a team radio forget to congratulate there driver first I def didn't like that at all
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube 13 päeva tagasi
Love it ans anybody see how Zhou just touched the crub and it made him lose traction and people want to say that doesn't happen looks like f1 2021 is a bit more realistic then some may think lol
Silky Smooth
Silky Smooth 13 päeva tagasi
These cars sound better than F1.
F1re Fox32
F1re Fox32 13 päeva tagasi
4:45 the graphic at the side of the screen is bugged. it has a different background.
Trompie 13 päeva tagasi
Why are the women commenting on something they have no clue about
Filip Eftindzioski
Filip Eftindzioski 13 päeva tagasi
Rosanna Tennant... I'm sorry but commentating aint for you sis!
C. S T Ξ N D L Ξ R
C. S T Ξ N D L Ξ R 13 päeva tagasi
What the?
Jonás Horcajadas
Jonás Horcajadas 13 päeva tagasi
1:00 Just perfect line
Indy Guest
Indy Guest 13 päeva tagasi
Best female race commentator Ive ever heard so far. Who is this?
Lee D'cruz
Lee D'cruz 13 päeva tagasi
Rosanna Tennant... She's great. And will only get better with experience.
Stack_iam 13 päeva tagasi
Who saw the pitstop & the rock 🪨 was stuck on the right front wheel . If u play it slowly u could notice the rock looks bigger in person . This what makes the sport fun ❤️
Philip J. Fry
Philip J. Fry 13 päeva tagasi
Wheres Casper!!
Mikael Ahovuo
Mikael Ahovuo 13 päeva tagasi
Anyone else got a notification about this video & a heart attack when you misread that it was the F1 sprint highlights 1 hour prior to it happening?
Santiago Remedi
Santiago Remedi 13 päeva tagasi
loving Rosanna's main commentary for these races. Keep em coming!
Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans 13 päeva tagasi
She was struggling for a bit at the start but rebounded well
Sir Smoke-a-Lot
Sir Smoke-a-Lot 13 päeva tagasi
First I thought they just put a women there for pr but she did alright pretty quick
Censhu 13 päeva tagasi
Come ON! YES!!!!!
PajarAndikaDev 13 päeva tagasi
Did i hear "spinoda"? :D
Grim Biscuits
Grim Biscuits 13 päeva tagasi
"The race has been neutralised" - Rosanna 'Agent 47' Tennant
baden hohapata
baden hohapata 13 päeva tagasi
she was awful..
Sidharth C Anil
Sidharth C Anil 13 päeva tagasi
Why does the cars sound better than F1?
RaikeTV 13 päeva tagasi
4:55 this shot should win an award, I love it
limegreenpatato 13 päeva tagasi
Who's this girl doing play by play? She's trash
Micah Clemente
Micah Clemente 13 päeva tagasi
Well done to the commentators. They're not the norm, but that's part of what makes it so difficult
Giacomo de Gasparis
Giacomo de Gasparis 13 päeva tagasi
Don't appreciate the female voice here.
Austin B
Austin B 13 päeva tagasi
This was pretty cool 👍
MOF1 13 päeva tagasi
These F2 cars are so similar to the 2022 F1 cars ?
sage 13 päeva tagasi
Theo and oscar should be f1 next 2 drivers
moy Magazincik
moy Magazincik 13 päeva tagasi
Gseric47 13 päeva tagasi
Let's go Shwartzman
Liam Ross
Liam Ross 13 päeva tagasi
Zaus _
Zaus _ 12 päeva tagasi
yup, mute all these feminists
k richards
k richards 13 päeva tagasi
Zhou my guy he needs to keep it together
Saulo Bastos
Saulo Bastos 13 päeva tagasi
Man, Drugo is struggling, what's going on ?
Vinícius Apolinario
Vinícius Apolinario 13 päeva tagasi
URSS 1 2
Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner 13 päeva tagasi
Insane camera angles
Mario2002 13 päeva tagasi
Who is this hysterical woman?
Zaus _
Zaus _ 12 päeva tagasi
a feminist, and she pretends to have this job only because she is a woman
Ruthless 13 päeva tagasi
Can't wait for Piastri to come to F1. Hope he can land a drive! 2 Aussie drivers in F1 would be a dream for us Australian,s.
ctx 13 päeva tagasi
oof, this commentary, that ain't it chief.
MattCampbell 912
MattCampbell 912 6 päeva tagasi
@Joe Brown Croft?
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 13 päeva tagasi
They're trying too hard to imitate that F1 commentator (not Brundle, the overly excitable one).
Muhammad Ryan Adrian Kamarudin
Fun Fact: alot of ppl like to play BWT or ASTON MARTIN
AbarthCorsa 13 päeva tagasi
I love the turbo noises in F2 cars. The F1 cars you can’t really hear them but these you can hear the sweet turbo noises😍
0GoldMonkey 13 päeva tagasi
Is going to be the same number of laps for f1?
Amartya Gupta
Amartya Gupta 13 päeva tagasi
Its 17 laps for f1
Biker Jon
Biker Jon 13 päeva tagasi
WORST Commentator Ever
Max- Packages
Max- Packages 13 päeva tagasi
Davide Brandi
Davide Brandi 13 päeva tagasi
Who is here before F1 sprint race?
Fabio Henrique Batista Ramos
Valeu Drugovich P4 para o BRASIL
Param Drall
Param Drall 13 päeva tagasi
This is the kind of Race we're expecting in F1 2022.
Optikification 13 päeva tagasi
Female commentator what a mess she trys to speak so fast she cannot get her words out.
DaGauntlett 13 päeva tagasi
So in F2 you call it a Sprint Race and in F1 its called different and may not called Sprint Race. Stop telling that BS! The ppl in common call it Sprint Race. There are more important things to worry about.
Cracking the Shell
Cracking the Shell 13 päeva tagasi
What a great battle between piastri and lawson
Rifky Tristan
Rifky Tristan 13 päeva tagasi
a boring race tbh
Peter Danner
Peter Danner 13 päeva tagasi
The shock for me was that my Aunt has a side gig commentating motor sports 😳
Thenlung B Phom
Thenlung B Phom 13 päeva tagasi
Did this take place after P2 ? Someone please?
RampantFury925 13 päeva tagasi
Wait....Shwartzman can use the Russian flag but not Mazepin?
Xandr81 13 päeva tagasi
F2 is not a world championship, so yes.
Diablo Granado
Diablo Granado 13 päeva tagasi
Maybe because Mazepin in f1 and Shwartzman in f2
Luiz Gustavo dos Santos
Luiz Gustavo dos Santos 13 päeva tagasi
Is great see Rosanna commenting about this race. She was great. Should you do it many times, please!
Stark Raven
Stark Raven 13 päeva tagasi
Man, if only MotoGP had this kind of race coverage...
Holdem Agroin
Holdem Agroin 13 päeva tagasi
The lady commentator was pretty bad, let's not do that again.
SpecialD 13 päeva tagasi
6 Minute video = a day of headache because of her voice...
Sniffi de
Sniffi de 13 päeva tagasi
Why you shoe us didnt the wonderful Aston Martin saftycar ? just for couple seconds.
Destroyer of Soy
Destroyer of Soy 13 päeva tagasi
What a horrible broadcaster in the beginning! She is horrible!
Zulfakhri Sa'adi Explorations
So, i just need to reach 300 subs now
SÓ HISTÓRIA TRISTE 13 päeva tagasi
Sopheap Horm
Sopheap Horm 13 päeva tagasi
Hello everyone
JJLozzer 13 päeva tagasi
Feels slightly weird having two lead commentators on a race but I dig it
Ashwin Raj
Ashwin Raj 13 päeva tagasi
Where is jehan daruwallA?
Павел Трубачев
Роберт красава!
Sa kr
Sa kr 13 päeva tagasi
Expecting similar drama in F1
Black Imp
Black Imp 13 päeva tagasi
Idiot globalists have found a new way to destroy this sport.
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