FP1 Highlights | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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Who was setting the pace at Silverstone? Watch the best bits from first practice.

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16 juuli 2021



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Shardzy4k 6 päeva tagasi
whos commentating this?
Iv_ chadtwong
Iv_ chadtwong 7 päeva tagasi
Who’s here because of Quadrant and taking over a grandstand?
Rotor Air Group
Rotor Air Group 8 päeva tagasi
Anyone is saying that Max is the new super star and the best of F1 as today. But if we compare his results by the 10th race of 2017, his 3rd season driving a Red Bull they are lesser than those of Lando Norris in a slower McLaren. Max is beatable if McLaren gets better or when Lando gets a leveled car to race against him.
F1 Frenzy
F1 Frenzy 9 päeva tagasi
Sky Sports records that an F1 race car has more than 80k assembled components. Even though these components are much, they require the highest level of accuracy when assembling them together.
Jacob Davy
Jacob Davy 12 päeva tagasi
Advantage Mercedes
Guadalupe Ramírez
Guadalupe Ramírez 12 päeva tagasi
And the Race Highlights
Ciro Di Marzio
Ciro Di Marzio 12 päeva tagasi
This is Mex Versteppen. He comes from Mexico City and he is going to the Mex for a couple of big mex 😄
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men 12 päeva tagasi
fantastic ......
Jazzyman 12 päeva tagasi
Aaaaaaah she's back !
Deeksha Rajpoot
Deeksha Rajpoot 13 päeva tagasi
DaveyJones 13 päeva tagasi
Love the music in the background! great highlight reel!
Jesus Olivier
Jesus Olivier 13 päeva tagasi
MAAAAAM her BRI´ISH accent is sooo haard
Maximilian Richter
Maximilian Richter 13 päeva tagasi
For me the FP's are more worth to watch with the introduction of the new Sprint Qualifying
Leonard Breau
Leonard Breau 13 päeva tagasi
It's obvious to see that Hamilton now has serious competition but I would like to see him win his own country's GP race.
Dieter DT
Dieter DT 13 päeva tagasi
While I like the enthousiasm of the narrator and mean no disrespect to her, I'm so put off by her intonation...
YouTube Commenter
YouTube Commenter 13 päeva tagasi
Nicholas Latifi was the fastest... ..Williams, 2:01.
Dean Locke
Dean Locke 13 päeva tagasi
bye bye lewis,
Dean Locke
Dean Locke 13 päeva tagasi
Perfect result - losers lost, and very sad gutted. Beautiful thing. No amount of money can buy taste or class. Try paying tax lewis.
Syaufi Shaharuddin
Syaufi Shaharuddin 13 päeva tagasi
carlos mazesainz
mian uzair
mian uzair 13 päeva tagasi
Who's the dame with the voice ?
drk ltnt
drk ltnt 14 päeva tagasi
Why you call it FP1 and not just FP?
陳俊諺 14 päeva tagasi
I hate this girl voice
DRIVECLUB-is-timeless 14 päeva tagasi
I was there yesterday! My first ever live GP! was too epic !!! 🏁🏁🏁
José Daniel Arana García
Does anyone know what the background song is called?
geekdiggy 14 päeva tagasi
whenever hamilton says "where does that come from" what he really means is "how can someone be faster than me?"
Robertus Yogya
Robertus Yogya 14 päeva tagasi
Danu:"the Lewis hamilton 44 is top fastest famous out time like gran turismo sport world champion.
shams sajir
shams sajir 14 päeva tagasi
It's not coming home!!!!!
C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13
C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13 14 päeva tagasi
I've got a feeling the crowd might be backing Verstappen... Even if they are in the UK.
sxints_ 14 päeva tagasi
They aren't 😂
JoaoKagado 14 päeva tagasi
Continuam a ser 20 bifes contra os vermelhos... eheh...!
hernan vega
hernan vega 14 päeva tagasi
the voice of the narration sounds like a squeezable doll
gino smith
gino smith 14 päeva tagasi
7 tenths where did that come from so are you saying Hamilton that Red Bull is cheating?
Troub1e 14 päeva tagasi
Max in the faster car failed, shame.
Sasanma kabablo héma le baron
01sapphireGTS 14 päeva tagasi
An early P2 for Norris. It's great to see that team starting to do much better.
Riegel Vega Аι.τ
Riegel Vega Аι.τ 14 päeva tagasi
Just imagine if Hamilton, Norris and Russel in one podium, either Sprint Race nor Sunday Race
Robert Papageorge
Robert Papageorge 14 päeva tagasi
Hamilton’s helmet looks banger
VOKE 14 päeva tagasi
The fact that they didn’t show the cheers as the British drivers originally came out the pits is disappointing
Philip J. Fry
Philip J. Fry 14 päeva tagasi
Wow lando p2 on mediums?! That’s impressive I really think lando is starting to come into his own now perhaps the next F1 champ that people actually like?
Allan D.
Allan D. 14 päeva tagasi
Oh Lewis... Can't handle being behind, even when the competition is fair... Sore loser indeed.
T Hoek
T Hoek 14 päeva tagasi
im sorry but i dislike this voice alot
Edgar Axtli
Edgar Axtli 14 päeva tagasi
# 1 Pérez. # 2 Verstappen. # 3 Vettel? Ricciardo?
C W 14 päeva tagasi
Can anyone explain this new style of racing I am so confused with qualifying already ?
Farxxs 14 päeva tagasi
The qualifying held today determined the starting position for tomorrow’s 100km sprint race. And that race determines the starting positions for the actual Grand Prix
8power0 14 päeva tagasi
Chuuukend 14 päeva tagasi
TheDragonaf1 14 päeva tagasi
Toto wolf "at Silverstone we will be ahead by 30 seconds" Lewis "hold my seven tenths".
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey 14 päeva tagasi
Hamilton lying over the board radio in FP1 “where does 0,7 come from” and than qualifying first in Q3. Yet everybody still believes in this stage act ??
Alan Glozik
Alan Glozik 14 päeva tagasi
He's just playing unneeded drama queen, just pathetic, that's one of the things why some people don't like him, and that's why he doesn't possess such "aura" around him, many people from the older generations don't like this kind of behaviour. (speaking from a millennial POV who doesn't like him either, so for whom it may concern the comment "ok, boomer" just doesn't fit)
Brian_Hub 14 päeva tagasi
Ahhhhhhhh poor Lewis. It's just not fair when another car is faster. Cry me a river.
Brian_Hub 14 päeva tagasi
Also Perez is probably asking the same question XD
Ash R
Ash R 14 päeva tagasi
This woman sounds like a Newsround presenter
MUHSIN AYGÜN 14 päeva tagasi
Who's voice is that??
Samson03 14 päeva tagasi
Her voice is kinda annoying
Bo J.
Bo J. 14 päeva tagasi
Ocon is gonna be out of F1 if he doesn't get it together
Rohith Pallamreddy
Rohith Pallamreddy 14 päeva tagasi
Woah, Mazespin wasn't last for once, ig he's not the most consistent driver on the grid anymore
ATENTOS RD 14 päeva tagasi
Gseric47 14 päeva tagasi
It took me a while to get used to the commentator's voice for these but I think I'm starting to now.
peter pan
peter pan 14 päeva tagasi
anyone else loving her voice so much?
Bo J.
Bo J. 14 päeva tagasi
Hamilton wondering where his opponents are gaining time will never get old. It's like he forgot what it's like to have a slower car than someone else
M Nabil Rabbani
M Nabil Rabbani 14 päeva tagasi
Owh finally! Mazepin is not spinning
Farouk classe
Farouk classe 14 päeva tagasi
I'm from the future That seventh ten's will vanish
Wayne andrews
Wayne andrews 14 päeva tagasi
who is this woman , sounds like she's on a rollercoaster ,
Joe Shelton
Joe Shelton 14 päeva tagasi
I sure hope this works out.
Mohammad Saad
Mohammad Saad 14 päeva tagasi
Who is the announcer? She has a very high pitched voice, and the way she speaks makes it a little annoying :(
Joed Tamayo
Joed Tamayo 14 päeva tagasi
It came from "maybe you losing again, coz you finally have competition bru"
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin 14 päeva tagasi
NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
KB0ne 14 päeva tagasi
anyone know who this new commentator is?
VatZhendong 14 päeva tagasi
Can somebody explain to me the new quali system? It seems I've been under a rock. Thank you.
Soma Hegedős
Soma Hegedős 14 päeva tagasi
Nonsense .... Back to the traditions!
Im Phanta
Im Phanta 14 päeva tagasi
Norris helmets a re a show for themselfes ngl.
Lim Jack
Lim Jack 14 päeva tagasi
Norris has the potential to be future world champion 👀
puchila 14 päeva tagasi
Go Max!
Space 14 päeva tagasi
That voice over is a bit too "enthusiastic" and inflected to not be annoying. Maybe tone it down a bit?
Raditya Kesuma
Raditya Kesuma 14 päeva tagasi
Norris with the medium tyre… that’s dop..
Martin Kaufmann
Martin Kaufmann 14 päeva tagasi
We don’t like LH!
Mills Shumps
Mills Shumps 14 päeva tagasi
Lewis wouldn't have got pole without Bottas punching a hole. Sprint race will be different.
J T 14 päeva tagasi
Watch out for Bottas attacking Verstappen...
Tom C
Tom C 14 päeva tagasi
So far, I am loving this new format! bring so much more interest to Friday
Toine 7777
Toine 7777 14 päeva tagasi
It would be nice if you can not show just Lewis and verstapen battle there are the Ferrari and the mac laren that we want to see also
Saeed Alzahmi
Saeed Alzahmi 14 päeva tagasi
I have a feeling that says mercedes is taking it easy this year cuz other teams got tiered of losing for years and years, furthermore. We all know that Lewis never makes a mistake yet he's making one every race i bet it's for a reason
J T 14 päeva tagasi
Hamilton does make mistakes under pressure. He always has. They all do. Usually it's because Hamilton's quicker that he's the one giving pressure, but this year, when it's been on him, he's made mistakes.
Viswanatha Vaddi
Viswanatha Vaddi 14 päeva tagasi
Not a fan of this video commentator. Voice way too squeaky.
Anamika Joshi
Anamika Joshi 14 päeva tagasi
Norris is back at it even after the hideous incident!
Guru T Universe-City
Guru T Universe-City 14 päeva tagasi
what was the background music?
João Câmara
João Câmara 14 päeva tagasi
Has a Phoenix Suns decal on Norris car? I guess Mclaren jinxed it
Kimball Smith
Kimball Smith 14 päeva tagasi
Anyone else seeing the Suns stickers on Lando's car at 1:05? GOOO SUUUNNNSSS
Kevin James
Kevin James 14 päeva tagasi
How did Max in a much faster car not able to beat a guy old enough to be his dad?
Bradley Keys
Bradley Keys 14 päeva tagasi
the fact that norris was 2nd quickest on the MEDIUMS!!!
Peter Porker Esq.
Peter Porker Esq. 14 päeva tagasi
Bayu Astha
Bayu Astha 14 päeva tagasi
7 championships where did that come from
BigShaqsLynx -
BigShaqsLynx - 14 päeva tagasi
She sounds like someone who would narrate some british love reality show. Annoying.
YoYoxD Videos
YoYoxD Videos 14 päeva tagasi
Mercedes sandbagging at its absolute best!!!! 😎😎😎
J T 14 päeva tagasi
Their updates haven't even had time to show full potential yet...
Edward key
Edward key 14 päeva tagasi
Max is a massive baby can't stand him
Joe Felony
Joe Felony 14 päeva tagasi
How can Sergio be 1.2 seconds slower than Max?
J T 14 päeva tagasi
Old age.
joperhop 14 päeva tagasi
Strangest thing, lewis has fans?
Xian Mikel Ocampo
Xian Mikel Ocampo 14 päeva tagasi
I mean yes?! Everyone has fans.
yaboichris121 14 päeva tagasi
Mirasolov Klose
Mirasolov Klose 14 päeva tagasi
Hamilton: Seventeenth where does that come from? Max: Mate, it comes from the same place where you set fastest lap after "Bonno my tires are gone".
Nikhil Gunaware
Nikhil Gunaware 14 päeva tagasi
Sprint races are excitement of another level
ioann geo
ioann geo 14 päeva tagasi
Sundays podium.. VER, HAM, LEC.
True Gret
True Gret 14 päeva tagasi
7/10s comes from RB and Max are better than you .....
Hinshi Raito
Hinshi Raito 14 päeva tagasi
Aged like milk
Brian Perez
Brian Perez 14 päeva tagasi
As a Perez fan he should consistently be in the top 4 in that Red Bull car. he's been disappointing as of late.
UndergroundRevolution 14 päeva tagasi
Inb4 Hambotver.
Visitor 14 päeva tagasi
Max is such a whiner
Jordina Miantoko
Jordina Miantoko 14 päeva tagasi
Nice you vidéo so cool
Aaden Readz
Aaden Readz 14 päeva tagasi
I could make a 12 minute video of Hamilton asking where is he losing time
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