Every Driver's Radio At The End Of Their Race | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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Emotions were running high at Silverstone! Tune in to hear what the drivers and teams had to say after a thrilling race.

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19 juuli 2021



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Charley Stello
Charley Stello 10 tundi tagasi
lewis is so exhausing. His "inspiration" "speeches" are so cringey.
Hrishikesh Kakati
Hrishikesh Kakati Päev tagasi
Does That meet I can meet Lewis on fan meet driver this Sunday?!
Ayan Mishra
Ayan Mishra 3 päeva tagasi
"Get in there, Lewis Mate" = Front left into Rear Right of Max.
Echo Sphere
Echo Sphere 3 päeva tagasi
every f1 fans who play F1 game knows how to "take out" somebody without getting DNF and still win the race.... That merc driver make it happen on the real race, Ok now its time F1 to go brutal... wait for somebody die in the next races, if the merc driver action goes free unpunish. Im too disgusted to say the name of the merc driver...
Kushal Das
Kushal Das 4 päeva tagasi
1:04 thanks to Charles.. now we know that the "F..." word looks like Saturn on the radio wave graph.. 😂
XNico07 4 päeva tagasi
Goran Lukic
Goran Lukic 5 päeva tagasi
Yeees,Luis,yeeeesss you almost killed the Max but nevermind yeeees!!! Does Luis's fans remember 2014 and the SPA when they whistled to Niko Rosberg because he cut Luis tire? Rosberg was as guilty as Luis is now, but no one blames Luis ofor anything. Shame. Otherwise, I support Ferrari and I don't like Luis either nor Verstappen but I am realistic.
Subham Nayan
Subham Nayan 5 päeva tagasi
Lecrec drives me crazy
DARK GHOST 5 päeva tagasi
How can Mercedes be happy after a win like that ?????????
Krish 5 päeva tagasi
Lance just got forgotten about
רום אספיר
רום אספיר 5 päeva tagasi
no one: yuki "ha ha"
Shadowguy128 6 päeva tagasi
Still waiting for the day Lando and Ricardo both get on podium That’s gonna be hilarious
HumanoidSteam 82
HumanoidSteam 82 7 päeva tagasi
9:40 fratelli d'Italia
Bolty Boat
Bolty Boat 7 päeva tagasi
That fool put a person in hospital
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin 7 päeva tagasi
NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
Melanie Mears
Melanie Mears 7 päeva tagasi
Oh Kimi, you're brilliant 🤣
moaz reda
moaz reda 7 päeva tagasi
why just voice you can at least get the driver view so we can look at something while we listening
Squirrelly 7 päeva tagasi
Engineer:Great race Charles:🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
hakim lorenzetti
hakim lorenzetti 7 päeva tagasi
Did anyone notice the italian national anthem when HAAS had the Radio on?
Super Shorts3
Super Shorts3 7 päeva tagasi
Kimi: we need to make the car faster
Jamie F1
Jamie F1 9 päeva tagasi
What is it with the Finnish and their drinks 😂
Noel Sony
Noel Sony 9 päeva tagasi
2:01 :Valtteri it's James Me: 😡 Me again knowing the race is over:😅
Dan Doan
Dan Doan 9 päeva tagasi
Daren box
A D 9 päeva tagasi
With the driver video on board pls,why voice only?
Vili Pitkänen
Vili Pitkänen 9 päeva tagasi
Why it’s always the finns who don’t get the drink? First Kimi didn’t get the drink and now Valtteri didn’t get the drink😂😭
Neil 9 päeva tagasi
Charles beats himself up too much.
F1 Frenzy
F1 Frenzy 9 päeva tagasi
Sky Sports records that an F1 race car has more than 80k assembled components.
Burning MrB
Burning MrB 9 päeva tagasi
Nobody steers in on the inside of turn 9! Everybody who raced there knows
Tarkovic 96
Tarkovic 96 9 päeva tagasi
The 1st are the most fake ever lines lol
Mike Zittritsch
Mike Zittritsch 9 päeva tagasi
The way Daniel says "okay" after each race just sounds like he's not having much fun :/
Stiven Hoxha
Stiven Hoxha 9 päeva tagasi
The Italian Anthem in the Mazespin and MSC team radio 😅🇮🇹
Max the Milkman
Max the Milkman 9 päeva tagasi
noticed this as well. any idea why it was playing?
Harmless Gaming
Harmless Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
gutted for you Charles
Adam Petten
Adam Petten 10 päeva tagasi
Finns and drinks hmmm
Sanele Buthelezi
Sanele Buthelezi 10 päeva tagasi
Just hope Ferrari brings in more upgrades for Hungary. The circuit is prone to downforce in the 2nd and 3rd sectors which might work well for Ferrari especially against the McLaren straight line speed. LeClerc was flying on the Mediums😱
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 10 päeva tagasi
❤️ ❤️ ❤️
ultrapurple111 10 päeva tagasi
7:46 - Kimi, the gift that keeps on giving.
Jamie Downes
Jamie Downes 10 päeva tagasi
Everyone gangsta until they hear "Valterri, It's James".
BennyLoL 10 päeva tagasi
9:05 why the italian anthem is playing?
Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I
They play the national anthem of the driver and the constructor that finished in P1, P2 & P3 (Podium). Leclerc finished in P2 so they played Hymne Monégasque for Leclerc and the Italian national anthem for Ferrari.
Angelita Felicia
Angelita Felicia 10 päeva tagasi
no one is harsher on charles than charles
TakeItOnline 10 päeva tagasi
Cyprien S
Cyprien S 10 päeva tagasi
HAAS team radio powered by Italian anthem
Arcane 10 päeva tagasi
Can someone explain the “Valterri, It’s James” thing that has been going around
Sai Vishnu
Sai Vishnu 5 päeva tagasi
Watch Germany 2018 radio.
Rickadonia Stories
Rickadonia Stories 10 päeva tagasi
skipped Hamilton there, don't wanna hear it.
Nico Preußer
Nico Preußer 10 päeva tagasi
I've NOT missed these generic radios when Hamilton is winning. When he loses, you can see his real character. Those winning radios are just hypocritical.
ABS Jarv
ABS Jarv 10 päeva tagasi
What do you mean lol he's just happy
Xander Meulen
Xander Meulen 11 päeva tagasi
Skip the first 0:56 sec
atharva shinde
atharva shinde 11 päeva tagasi
Is redbull making Perez the bottas of redbull
Jaimik Trivedi
Jaimik Trivedi 11 päeva tagasi
So proud of Charles!
Áron 11 päeva tagasi
Watched 10 minutes just to hear max but nothing 😂
Chris van Egmond
Chris van Egmond 11 päeva tagasi
Hamilton thanked everyone back in the factory but forgot to thank the stewards.
ForeverD_ FD
ForeverD_ FD 11 päeva tagasi
Yea what a great job Mercedes you destroyed Max's race
G López
G López 11 päeva tagasi
Yuki having a full conversation, wishing a happy bday and all 😂 love him
Sbinotto 11 päeva tagasi
0:03 things you dont want to hear
A new approach in gaming
A new approach in gaming 11 päeva tagasi
Give the Finns there drinks
Jesus Muñoz
Jesus Muñoz 11 päeva tagasi
Norris & Leclerc what a submissive drivers to Hamilton… but what a brave and “kamikaze” drivers against Perez…
Viper6 11 päeva tagasi
Lewis we can do this if you keep pushing Max into the wall. 🙄
Faris Hazim Mohamed Zaimir
Is this the first race that Mazepin completed?
gustavoopin 11 päeva tagasi
Nobody talking about bottas not having his drink?
Doge 11 päeva tagasi
Not every driver!
文义乐 11 päeva tagasi
Ngl kinda glad they didn't show Max's radio
AlfonF1_98 11 päeva tagasi
F*** Hamilton
David van der Linde
David van der Linde 11 päeva tagasi
Great job Lewis 😍 . Nearly killed Max and celebrating your victory you never did before was realy clever 😁 . WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU !? 🤬
Gonza Benitez
Gonza Benitez 11 päeva tagasi
Yeah, just ignore the Max radio...
Mr. Hepo
Mr. Hepo 11 päeva tagasi
Glad to see Alonso being this positive
Engº Luís Felipe Gerhardt
Hamilton always being benefited!!! This is disheartening...
Engº Luís Felipe Gerhardt
10 secs? hahaha funny
ʟᴇɴᴅᴀ ѕʏ ♥️🎼 .
هل يوجد عرب ❤🇸🇾
BavarianRev 11 päeva tagasi
Mercedes was auch a joke this weekend. First you take you your competition and then say things like it’s never over bla bla bla
atomiumfire 11 päeva tagasi
I'm waiting for the day Charles won't be cursing xD
Jeggy 11 päeva tagasi
Hearing bottas' radio is sad. He deserves better than how Mercedes treats him.
Naman Khatwani
Naman Khatwani 11 päeva tagasi
Checo was asked to give up 2-4 points from a potential p8 to steal 1 point off Lewis which he wouldn't even get. In the Austrian GP, Valterri had more pace and Lewis had to give up his position to him.
Lena 11 päeva tagasi
I think Max team radio should be here as well even tho he didn't finish just to show how awful, scary and serious that situation was..Never heard him that hurt and shaken and in so much pain..
Professor Chris
Professor Chris 11 päeva tagasi
Mercedes: Thank you Valterri for being a part of this. Bottas: My tyres are *** I don't care about Lewis...😂😂😂😂😂
Mitch 11 päeva tagasi
Of course he was thirsty and tired, but sure sounded like he could give no less of a 💩 about Lewis
Will Grange
Will Grange 11 päeva tagasi
Leclerc is such a cry baby
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero 11 päeva tagasi
Checo, with all due respect "we'll come back stronger for the next weekend" is getting old man.
Blake barone
Blake barone 11 päeva tagasi
Mehhh. I love Checo, I think all they would like him to be battling for P3 and P4, but I think they’d be content with him putting Hamilton in the hospital for a week. That’s at least strategically the correct thing to do.
Alex B
Alex B 11 päeva tagasi
I just feel like Charles should have stayed a couple more laps on the mediums and then end the race on softs. Those hards completely demolished his pace.
Missouri Re sole
Missouri Re sole 11 päeva tagasi
More like the Mercedes was much more competitive on the Hards. The pace of Leclerc on hards was not far away compared to the mediums.
Dwagginz 11 päeva tagasi
Whoa, whoa, did Brad show some actual hints of emotion towards the end of his chat with Lance?
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua 11 päeva tagasi
No Max?
zenzy is the best
zenzy is the best 11 päeva tagasi
Yeah big crash
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua 11 päeva tagasi
@zenzy is the best i've heard it...that's why I'm asking
zenzy is the best
zenzy is the best 11 päeva tagasi
I think it’s because it was quite scary to hear he was really in pain and you can find it on other channels
eliifff 11 päeva tagasi
Yuki is effortlessly funny i love hearing him joking around
Samantha Kavuma
Samantha Kavuma 11 päeva tagasi
Ocon’s engineer: chequered flag, that’s P9 Ocon: are we still racing? 🤦🏾‍♀️
N Johnson
N Johnson 11 päeva tagasi
Latifi downright furious there.
Missy 11 päeva tagasi
Lance Stroll underrated as always
foreverblues8 11 päeva tagasi
The video starts from 00:56
SIXITHS 11 päeva tagasi
The triggering and crying starts at 0:00 and you wouldn't want to miss that...
TK17 11 päeva tagasi
Really great to see Danny Ric resurrecting.
MusicMaïstro_97 11 päeva tagasi
They forgot Max Verstappen his radio, translation: Uuuuurhhhhh, aahhhhhh, urrhhhaahhh, aaaAaAAhhHuhhh, *UUuuhAAaaahHHuhh*
Andres 11 päeva tagasi
SKIP Hamilton 0:56
Yeah skip him
SIXITHS 11 päeva tagasi
0:00 to trigger Max fanboys
Zhoume Han
Zhoume Han 11 päeva tagasi
Valterri wasn't even given water. He is treated worse than a dog.
Justin Traenkner
Justin Traenkner 5 päeva tagasi
@Zhoume Han WHEN Hamilton loses this year*
Zhoume Han
Zhoume Han 11 päeva tagasi
@Naman Khatwani Bruh They don't care abt constructors because if hamilton loses this year Psychologically Mercedes will be weaker.
Naman Khatwani
Naman Khatwani 11 päeva tagasi
@Zhoume Han it's 4 points for constructors that they're losing out on where the gap is lesser plus 4 points checo looses against bottas which incidentally puts him behind bottas in the driver standings. All this so ham doesn't get one point against max (checo outside top 10 so he won't get the point either)
Naman Khatwani
Naman Khatwani 11 päeva tagasi
@Zhoume Han they said cars will invert in turn 4 check radios again.
Zhoume Han
Zhoume Han 11 päeva tagasi
@Naman Khatwani Bruh, checo was stuck in the DRS train. There was nothing he could do. He knew that max needed the extra point more than he did. Every driver understands that
Zhoume Han
Zhoume Han 11 päeva tagasi
Guess what James talks to Lewis too. Valterri is made to inspect Lewis' car.
Nicholas Mali
Nicholas Mali 11 päeva tagasi
What an insult to Bottas. We couldn't have win it if it wasn't for Bottas? Why b/c he was instructed to let Hamilton by - they didn't have confidence that Bottas can pass Ferrari to win the race that only Hamilton is capable?!
Naman Khatwani
Naman Khatwani 11 päeva tagasi
Checo was asked to give up 2-4 points from a potential p8 to steal 1 point off Lewis which he wouldn't even get. In the Austrian GP, Valterri had more pace and Lewis had to give up his position to him.
HoopleHeadUSA 11 päeva tagasi
Gutted for Max, gutted for Landos pit stop, gutted for Leclerc missing P1! Great race though
Paul 11 päeva tagasi
Where's Max?
Bush Boi
Bush Boi 11 päeva tagasi
@Paul yea if I had to guess that’s probably why they didn’t put it there
Paul 11 päeva tagasi
@Bush Boi Yeah actually found it, but I don't get why they didn't put any on the official one. Wondering if they did that to cover the dangerous situation, since max felt really bad on the radio
Bush Boi
Bush Boi 11 päeva tagasi
@Paul well they probably didn’t put it because it was brutal but if you want to hear it I know you can find it on EEfrom somewhere
Paul 11 päeva tagasi
@Bush Boi I meant where's max team radio, he actually spoke after the crash
Bush Boi
Bush Boi 11 päeva tagasi
I don’t know if this is a joke but if it isn’t and you didn’t see the race then max didn’t finish
Scott Elder
Scott Elder 11 päeva tagasi
We have collectively been robbed by not getting Russell in the points and that radio message. No way Stroll and Ocon and Tsnuoda would’ve got by him without the penalty
randomdudesimon 11 päeva tagasi
well looks like Max died today according to the comments :(
Liam Trimble
Liam Trimble 11 päeva tagasi
the only way he can win is if he crashes into max
Liam Trimble
Liam Trimble 11 päeva tagasi
@SIXITHS didn’t lewis go into the wall by himself didn’t max win by 20 seconds did max take lewis out of the race
SIXITHS 11 päeva tagasi
You could say the same about Max in Imola T1, but you didn't remember that...
Do u know da wae
Do u know da wae 11 päeva tagasi
Finally we heard valtteri it's James again
Harshit Harsh
Harshit Harsh 11 päeva tagasi
Should I like the video because of McLaren and Ferrari Or dislike it because of Monsieur Lewis 'Yeet' Hamilton?
Veronicco 11 päeva tagasi
I can't wait to see Hamilton at Netherlands GP being called of all kinds of racial slurs. Maybe this wolb be his last race, not everyone has the psychological to recieve a mass humiliation like this will be.
Veronicco 11 päeva tagasi
Will you call me racist becouse i watch for races? Lol.
Veronicco 11 päeva tagasi
@SIXITHS where did i said i am a Verstappen fan? I am a normal person who likes to watch races.
SIXITHS 11 päeva tagasi
_"I can't wait to see Hamilton at Netherlands GP being called of all kinds of racial slurs"_ Thanks for showing clearly who the Max fans really are... I mean it was obvious already, but thanks for spelling it out Reinhard.
Terboh 11 päeva tagasi
Mazepin is starting to grow on me
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 11 päeva tagasi
Lewis is so fake it’s disgusting.
TheJokerit19 11 päeva tagasi
6:20 9:05 Italian anthem in the background for some reason.
Smug Dancer
Smug Dancer 11 päeva tagasi
The best of all the GP is the end of the race, where the euphoria is greater than the concern about the physical damage that your rival has. What a career they put together ... literally.
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia 11 päeva tagasi
Why there was no speaking from Max?
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