Qualifying Highlights | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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That was a qualifying session for the ages! Join us for the best bits, as Lewis Hamilton edged out Max Verstappen. He'll start Saturday's first-ever F1 Sprint from P1.

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16 juuli 2021



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Alan Alves
Alan Alves Päev tagasi
Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia Päev tagasi
Why is this session called "qualifying" if the grid is not defines by it. This is just a meaningless sesión. And Pérez probé it already
S Z 3 päeva tagasi
F1TV subscribers beware. I checked my bank statements and F1TV Pro has been billing me for two accounts since March. They REFUSE to refund me for anything besides July saying it's my fault. I'm smart enough to not accidentally sign up for two accounts. I imagine there are thousands of people being double-charged for their subscriptions.
James Vaden
James Vaden 4 päeva tagasi
Come on man. Give George a Mercedes seat already. He’s literally outdriving that tractor for a car
blgn 3 päeva tagasi
they will give russel a mercedes when hamilton retires lol
Marko Gelic
Marko Gelic 4 päeva tagasi
George fantastic qualifyng, Hamilton spectacular, super
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 8 päeva tagasi
Verstappen will chase down Hamilton from the start of the race.
Γιάννης Στάμος
Rachel Britto
Rachel Britto 10 päeva tagasi
Mohana 10 päeva tagasi
Super ❤️
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 10 päeva tagasi
George: Gets into Q3 Hamilton: Where did he get the extra 7 tenths?
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 9 päeva tagasi
Netflix is licking its lips
Uva Mona channel ❤️
Uva Mona channel ❤️ 10 päeva tagasi
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 8 päeva tagasi
Netflix is licking its lips
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 10 päeva tagasi
My hopes for tomorrow's sprint. Hamilton and Verstappen crash into each other and start Sunday's race from P19 and P20. Now that would make for a great race on Sunday!
crazynannerman 11 päeva tagasi
Russel is being wasted at Williams. It’s time for Bottas to move on I think.
Nuzaer Bari
Nuzaer Bari 11 päeva tagasi
I actually feel happy for hamilton now. Get In there!!!!
Anwar Latip
Anwar Latip 11 päeva tagasi
Cracking lewis hamilton...huh..no 1 again...unstoppable..
Jose Miguel Martin
Jose Miguel Martin 11 päeva tagasi
vamos alonso
zblogger9 11 päeva tagasi
If Max is supposedly the better driver with the current fastest car why did he not get pole in Friday's qualifying session? Max got pole at the red bull ring by 4 tenths and whilst locking up and missing the apex in turn 2. Tells you how superior the red bull car is currently.
Eternamente Vivo
Eternamente Vivo 11 päeva tagasi
Max infact isn't the Better driver
Lian Summer
Lian Summer 12 päeva tagasi
Bien hecho Russell. Saludos Desde Panamá.
Shawn A
Shawn A 12 päeva tagasi
Im beginning to think this is the beginning of the end for Hamilton “the weasel”. That was totally cutting off verstappen….
kevin budzisch
kevin budzisch 12 päeva tagasi
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endeckerBM 12 päeva tagasi
I wonder who the 1,300 sad-cases were who clicked on a clip promising "Qualifying Highlights for the 2021 British Grand Prix" and up ended up getting exactly that.
Alfred Thabiso
Alfred Thabiso 12 päeva tagasi
Netflix is licking its lips
John mulligan
John mulligan 12 päeva tagasi
Hamilton won by cheating no question disgraceful show from him 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Alexandar Andreev
Alexandar Andreev 12 päeva tagasi
The black looser.
Malcolm Middleton
Malcolm Middleton 12 päeva tagasi
Where is the penalty for taking out your main and only rival? Show me? Absolute joke!
C H 12 päeva tagasi
Sir Lewis Hamilton 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 next time it 100 wins biggest champion ever 👍👍👍👍
09thomas09 12 päeva tagasi
Biggest champion in nearly killing other drivers?
Chip Marley
Chip Marley 12 päeva tagasi
At last Hamiton in.
Chip Marley
Chip Marley 12 päeva tagasi
Bottas will win this race. Merc totally ignoring H just like Channel 4.
Robin Holmes
Robin Holmes 12 päeva tagasi
If the Formula 1 teams are so great at designing things, how come they can't make a mask that doesn't keep falling off?!
Samsung 50s
Samsung 50s 12 päeva tagasi
Lewis now must learn how to looz...🤭
屁理屈おばさん 米家
流体力学の研究で飯を食ってる米家と申します。紛らわしくてすみません。 米家峰起さんの空力解説、これに限っては指摘しきれないほど誤った認識ばかりです。空想でモノを語っても構いませんがその旨、しっかり明記して下さい。視聴者の皆さま、ご注意ください。
pablo792 12 päeva tagasi
Russell will be champion as soon as he get a decente car
09thomas09 12 päeva tagasi
Yeah he was a few seconds ahead of the top driver Latifi who started miles behind!
Michel Crepin
Michel Crepin 12 päeva tagasi
Come on Max! Winner for the race. Annihilate that F1 distraction and sorry excuse for a driver, or should I say political activist.
Anton Lian Pascua
Anton Lian Pascua 12 päeva tagasi
if lewis won the sprint why isnt he first in the grid ?
Bullet_DuDe 12 päeva tagasi
Holy, Russel is playing on 60% Ai strenght
J G 12 päeva tagasi
Formula 1 is a joke...
Tʜᴇ ᴀʟɪᴇɴ ᴏɴᴇ
Way to go Latifi! :D
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 12 päeva tagasi
3:06 and on is amazing camerawork!
Carlos Tony
Carlos Tony 12 päeva tagasi
Russel on that Mercedes car will be crazy 🔥👌🏾
Nightmare Demons
Nightmare Demons 12 päeva tagasi
👃🏻I can smell something.
Kohai Sim
Kohai Sim 12 päeva tagasi
Ask Bats
Ask Bats 13 päeva tagasi
Even with the inferiour red bull, verstappen still holds his own. His talent is unmatched at this moment!
Feverpitch80 13 päeva tagasi
We need Alonso in Perez's red bull - vote this up if you agree. Alonso v Hamilton v Verstappen.
winnieblews 13 päeva tagasi
Russell will end up surpassing Hamilton and Max if he is in the right car. I hope he gets the chance. Would be such a waste if not.
Janeeek 13 päeva tagasi
Russell Piątek 8 miejsce Sobota 9 miejsce Czyli idąc tym tropem dziś będzie 10 i wreszcie zdobędzie upragnione punkty w barwach Williamsa
Masked Gamer
Masked Gamer 13 päeva tagasi
Top 10 are the drivers that supposed to be in F1, apart from gasly, ocon and tsunoda, the rest could be replaced with much better F3 drivers
Walton Goggins
Walton Goggins 13 päeva tagasi
Alonso is the man
Akie Chhabra
Akie Chhabra 13 päeva tagasi
George Russell! Unreal! What a drive mate.
09thomas09 12 päeva tagasi
Yeah esp today with getting passed till he's nearly at Latifis level
Delvin Ganteng
Delvin Ganteng 13 päeva tagasi
idih ngeri banget dah
Ciro Di Marzio
Ciro Di Marzio 13 päeva tagasi
Tracy Chapman - Thinking of a fast car
ati abi
ati abi 13 päeva tagasi
Hamilton made mistake last sector and lost 375 ms. Verstapen didnt mistake last sector but still gap stayed 75 ms at last sector . What's going on ? Hamilton Sector 2: -227 Sector 3: +148 Lost: 375 ms Verstapen Sector 2 +74 Sector 3: +75
Arrr Groundup
Arrr Groundup 13 päeva tagasi
Riccardo .002 behind Norris! He's baack.
Steve Fernandes
Steve Fernandes 13 päeva tagasi
Can someone explain what Track limit is?
Gustavo Espinoza
Gustavo Espinoza 13 päeva tagasi
the same tomorrow loses hamilton
ANSH SRIVASTAVA 13 päeva tagasi
Lets go Hamilton !!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 13 päeva tagasi
Makes you wonder what George would achieve with a midfield car... Let alone a race winning one 👏🔥
Mauricio Rojas
Mauricio Rojas 13 päeva tagasi
There is no car for mercedes this season
starguy2718 13 päeva tagasi
Max is on a roll. Another checkered flag, tomorrow.
Android 13 päeva tagasi
Way to go George!!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 13 päeva tagasi
Qualifying now useless
Deeksha Rajpoot
Deeksha Rajpoot 13 päeva tagasi
Jesse Osorio
Jesse Osorio 13 päeva tagasi
this camera angles are sick wowwwwww
senorboardhead 13 päeva tagasi
Hard to listen to these overexcited limey broadcasters. So detracting.
evog35viii 13 päeva tagasi
The sprint race was a waste of time
Dan Olfato
Dan Olfato 13 päeva tagasi
Mazepin very consistent
Koan show ‘em
Koan show ‘em 13 päeva tagasi
Wahooooo! Come on Hamilton!
PetrolHead88 UK
PetrolHead88 UK 13 päeva tagasi
Three Brits in the top 10! The boys do us so proud!
Arnaldo Jansen Cariño
Arnaldo Jansen Cariño 13 päeva tagasi
Williams ahead if Ferrari
Rizal Ahmad
Rizal Ahmad 13 päeva tagasi
Merc just got lucky..🤣🤣
Iulian Berger
Iulian Berger 13 päeva tagasi
P1 y p2 vie. Clasif una hora( sin q1 q2 y q3) y Sprint sab. Carrera domingo. Al finalizar clasifica. Parque cerrado
Paul Ganuza Gomez
Paul Ganuza Gomez 13 päeva tagasi
Next year Russell will have to be in Mercedes🔥
Koeswandi Santoso
Koeswandi Santoso 13 päeva tagasi
Great perform by russel.. Future drivers
gustavo matado de onça
gustavo matado de onça 13 päeva tagasi
Esse ano é do verstapen!
Dazed:3 13 päeva tagasi
Qualifying now useless
Merlin_der Zauberer
Merlin_der Zauberer 13 päeva tagasi
I cant imagine what Russell could do, if he regually drives the amg
S.Z.Y 13 päeva tagasi
Tsunodaaaaaaaaaaa! Mottainaiiiiiiii !
Maximilian Richter
Maximilian Richter 13 päeva tagasi
Get in there Lewis! But excellent performance of Russell too. Let's hope for some points for Williams
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson 13 päeva tagasi
So they still have to qualify for the qualifying race? How does that makes sense? That is DaF...
raulin goncalvez
raulin goncalvez 13 päeva tagasi
how is this a qualy, if the qualy is the "sprint race"? is pointless to see this practice session.
Michael Rios
Michael Rios 13 päeva tagasi
Russell is the truth. Incredible what he’s getting out of the Williams.
Spotless Videos
Spotless Videos 13 päeva tagasi
GEORGE! RUSSELL! Future world champ right there
ihab Abbas
ihab Abbas 13 päeva tagasi
Russell ❤️ You are the next Senna. I am saying that because I see that you have the same gut as Ayrton.
grip C
grip C 13 päeva tagasi
I thought Hamilton would have been exhausted with all that knee bending exercise. What a clown🤡🤣😂🤣😂
Agustin Garcia
Agustin Garcia 13 päeva tagasi
Kevin Pesarin
Kevin Pesarin 13 päeva tagasi
Format noioso, vi stancherete presto
Matej LYNX Vrabel
Matej LYNX Vrabel 13 päeva tagasi
why they wasting fuel for mazepin ? :D better to invest these money to african childs
KingKID 13 päeva tagasi
George Russell has something to prove, and I'm liking it.
Susvadh Recipes
Susvadh Recipes 13 päeva tagasi
Well done Russell 🙂🇮🇳
Betoven Moza
Betoven Moza 13 päeva tagasi
Quelque soit la manipulation, le Mossad israélien et le Mossad branche France seront dégagés de l'Afrique noire.
Victor Earls
Victor Earls 13 päeva tagasi
The stiff iris experimentally part because editorial emphatically deserve regarding a reflective mind. enthusiastic, illustrious william
Mionel Lessi
Mionel Lessi 13 päeva tagasi
they altered stappy's tubes, it's all set up for hammy..
Leather Chaps Fap King Slick Dick Shaven Bunghole
@Papa John's Watson defiantly
Papa John's Watson
Papa John's Watson 13 päeva tagasi
Roy McDre
Roy McDre 13 päeva tagasi
Bottas compares to perez *crickets*
Daniel Weavers
Daniel Weavers 13 päeva tagasi
From a British that was a Lewis fan........super max 👌
Tony Z
Tony Z 13 päeva tagasi
the snake on poll
Optikification 13 päeva tagasi
James: Get in there Lewis yeah Max: Lewis hold my beer i'll watch you in my rear view mirror in the sprint.
vimponex 13 päeva tagasi
Let (lulu) be happy and enjoy the moment, he didn't get any points for that. Max starts on pole position on Sunday.😎💪👍.
Fast Overtaking
Fast Overtaking 13 päeva tagasi
5:04 nice
Ash Tapiwa
Ash Tapiwa 13 päeva tagasi
Hamilton was on fire today. Purple in his eyes.
Whatyoudo 13 päeva tagasi
5:46 I meant, cant spell, cant read....still got an opinion baby!!! ;]
Michael 13 päeva tagasi
Why is this announcer always yelling?
80s movies fan
80s movies fan 13 päeva tagasi
For hard hearing people 😎😎
Mirza Pradika
Mirza Pradika 13 päeva tagasi
Finally can see driver emotion in this season. Even Hamilton celebrating his pole😂
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